Marbella news: Town’s waters perfect for ageing wine underwater

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    The delightful sea which Marbella borders on to brings much relaxation and enjoyment to its residents. Paddling, swimming, snorkelling or sailing – the pleasant temperature of the water always leaves you begging for more. But that the sea also brings forth wine is unexpected news for Marbella.

    Ageing wine underwater is a new trend in the land of wine making. Wine bottles are laid on the bottom of the sea and age there until they get a distinctive taste. The temperature and the soft swaying motion of the sea contribute to a unique ageing process.

    The hip new aging method fits perfectly with the Marbella lifestyle, which includes refined wining and dining. So interestingly, both the culinary and sea climate are appropriate for this trend, which has been picked up by the famous winemaker Federico Schatz. For his new experiment, he sought a location that had just the right conditions. It was found off the coast of Marbella, where the sea water remains at a stable temperature – between 13 and 16 degrees Celsius – and there’s a moderate pressure on the bottles. This ripens the wine slowly and in a more refined way.

    Ageing wine underwater makes it “undeniably distinct” in compared to wines that are aged the old-fashioned way, says Antonio Martinez in The Olive Press (2014.) He is in charge of the experiment and claims that the first tasting tests reveal the underwater wine to be a “completely different wine”. The colour was deeper, the taste ‘fresher’ and there were even a hint of salinity which was more noticeable in the natural minerality of the wine. Be warned, though. Ageing wine underwater does not make the impossible possible. “If you put in a bad wine, you’ll get back just as bad a wine.”

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    Source: The Olive Press, 2014. Images via Pixabay & Evan Swigart.