Starlite Estepona: A New Era in Music Festival Experience on the Costa del Sol

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    Starlite Occident has captivated audiences for over twelve years with its intimate concerts, diverse artist lineup, and unique atmosphere. This boutique festival has been a beacon of creativity and expression, offering more than just concerts but a true cultural experience. From legendary artists like Alejandro Sanz and Sting to rising stars like Aitana. Starlite Occident has become synonymous with providing an unforgettable musical experience in Spain.

    But now, the story of Starlite is evolving. After years of success in Nagüeles quarry venue in Marbella, the festival’s promoters have set their sights on a new destination: Estepona. With ambitious plans to create a groundbreaking cultural venue known as Starlite Music World, Bendeus, the company behind Starlite events is poised to elevate the music festival experience to new heights. In this article, Realista will share all the details about Starlite Music World in Estepona.

    Legacy of Starlite Festival

    Before venturing into Estepona, Starlite Occident had a rich history in Marbella, where it emerged in 2012 as a boutique festival. It offers an intimate concerts in the iconic La Cantera de Nagüeles venue. Over the years, Starlite Occident became renowned for its diverse lineup, featuring top-tier artists like Alejandro Sanz, Sting, and Ricky Martin, among others. With each passing season, the festival extended its reach, captivating audiences with its unique blend of music, culture, and gastronomy.

    In a bold move, the brand extended its influence beyond Marbella, dipping its toes into the Madrid music scene with “Christmas by Starlite.” This festive event brought the magic of Starlite to the capital, featuring performances by acclaimed artists such as Rod Stewart, Ricky Martin, and Sebastián Yatra. The success of Christmas by Starlite further solidified Starlite’s reputation as a premier entertainment brand, paving the way for its ambitious expansion into Estepona.

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    Vision for Starlite Estepona

    The visionaries behind Starlite are turning their attention to Estepona, where they plan to create Starlite Music World—a mega cultural venue that promises to redefine the festival experience. With a large auditorium capable of accommodating 15000 people, a hotel and a multifunctional conference center; Starlite Music World will set a new standard for live entertainment in Costa del Sol.

    The project has already received approval from the regional government and is set to become a major driver of economic growth in the area. With an estimated investment of 286 million euros, Starlite Music World will not only provide a world-class entertainment venue but also stimulate the local economy and create opportunities for residents.

    Features of Starlite Estepona

    Starlite Music World will be built in the picturesque area of La Panera, next to Selwo Aventura Park. Unlike its Marbella counterpart, the project will be built on land already owned by the company, allowing for a more permanent setup. At the heart of the complex will be an open-air auditorium, with a capacity of 15,000 people—four times larger than Marbella’s venue. Apart from the auditorium, an artificial quarry will be created, reminiscent of the iconic Nagüeles venue.

    Starlite Music World will offer more than just music; it will be a vibrant hub where music, culture, and gastronomy converge, providing visitors with a great festival experience. The visitors will be greeted by lush greenery and serene lakes that will set the stage for an unforgettable journey.

    In addition to its stunning natural surroundings, the complex will have a boulevard, a bustling central square, and a dedicated hospitality area with four restaurants serving delicious cuisine. All these things are designed to enhance the visitor’s experience.

    Beyond Music

    Starlite Music World will be more than just a concert venue—it will be a cultural hub. With four restaurants, a central square, a serene lake, and an array of hospitality options, guests will have plenty of things to see and do at Starlite Music World in Estepona. In addition to the music, Starlite Music World plans to enhance its offerings with a hotel and a multi-purpose conference center. This versatility will attract companies seeking to organize meetings, trade fairs, and conferences while potentially becoming a hub for dance schools and music academies.

    Audiovisual City

    One of the most exciting aspects of the Starlite Music World project is the permanent setup for audiovisual activities. With state-of-the-art recording studios, sets, and equipment warehouses, this facility will be a game-changer for the Costa del Sol, providing a platform for creativity and innovation on a whole new level.

    This audiovisual hub will benefit musicians and filmmakers and contribute to the region’s cultural landscape by attracting talent from around the world. By providing a space for artists to collaborate and create, Starlite Music World will position Estepona as a hub for creativity and innovation in the digital age.


    At the core of Starlite Music World’s development is a strong commitment to sustainability. The company is dedicated to using eco-friendly materials and renewable energy sources to blend seamlessly with the environment. Additionally, they’re focusing on making improvements in transport, security, lighting, water, and waste management in the surrounding areas of the complex.

    Starlite Estepona Future Prospects

    The economic impact of Starlite Music World cannot be overstated. With an estimated investment of 286 million euros and the creation of 450 jobs; this project has the potential to transform the local economy while making Estepona a premier destination for music lovers and cultural enthusiasts.

    Impact of Starlite Estepona on Real Estate

    With Starlite acting as a catalyst for growth, property prices are expected to experience a significant increase in Estepona. The festival is expected to draw in an array of tourists, performers, and cultural enthusiasts, likely increasing the demand for residential and commercial properties in Estepona. This is a good time for domestic and foreign investors to jump in as real estate prices are expected to rise.


    Starlite Music World represents the next chapter in the incredible journey of Starlite Occident. From its emergence in Marbella to its bold new venture in Estepona, the festival has always been about more than just music—it’s about creating unforgettable experiences for visitors. As construction gets underway and plans take shape, one thing is clear: Starlite Music World will elevate the festival experience and will set a new standard for entertainment on the Costa del Sol.