• The process of moving to another country even when buying as a holiday home

    Financial and legal requirements when buying a home in Spain

    In our previous post we wrote about How to buy a home in Today’s market. The process of moving to another country is a completely different matter. Even if you’re buying property as a holiday home, there are still many forms to be filled out. One thing which is needed is a NIE number. The… [Read more…]

  • How to buy a home in Today’s market in the greater Marbella area_Realista Quality Properties Marbella

    How to buy a home in today’s market in the Marbella area

    The market is changing. Stock seems to be decreasing and after a period where prices bottomed out and banks regained interest in providing loans, more properties are now being sold. So, how do you get in on the action and buy a property in the right location without overpaying or losing your dream home because… [Read more…]

  • Hoyo 19 investment apartment for sale

    Marbella real estate investment

    BOOST FOR MARBELLA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT: RENTAL PRICES RISING The rising property market in the greater region of Marbella is presenting opportunities for those in the know. Now is the time to invest, purchase prices are still below pre-crisis price level, and demand for holiday and long term rentals is rising enormously. Courtesy of the… [Read more…]

  • spanish property vat house

    Buying property in Spain: what taxes can you expect?

    Last week we talked about what taxes you can expect when selling property in Spain. This week we’ll show you which taxes are specific to buying property in Spain. In this article we’ll assume you’re buying a home to live in, not a commercial property. This makes a difference to what taxes you have to… [Read more…]

  • selling property in spain taxes money

    Selling property in Spain: what taxes can you expect?

    As a quality real estate agent, we often help people sell property in Marbella by liaising with their solicitor and locating serious buyers. We know it can be difficult to wrap your head around all the costs that come with selling property in Spain. Taxes are an important part of the process, so today we’ll… [Read more…]

  • Retiring in Marbella

    Retiring in Marbella

    Enjoying your hard-earned pension in sunny Marbella Retiring in Marbella is a long-held dream for many people. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days in the sun, enjoying sandy beaches, healthy food and activities – and usually all that for a lower price than in the UK, too. There’s a plethora of luxury retirement homes… [Read more…]

  • marbella developments estepona

    New Developments Marbella Approved Worth 6.5m Euro

    Marbella continues to be a popular area to live a life in luxury. That much was proven last month, when Town Hall gave the green light for a number of housing projects worth 6.5m euro. Locations for the property in the Marbella region include Sierra Blanca, Altos de los Monteros and Guadalmina. These high-end new… [Read more…]

  • tips for buying a house in marbella bedroom

    Choosing a House: tips for buying a house in Marbella

    How to choose the right home So you’re in the process of buying a house in Marbella – you’ve got a clear idea of your budget and arranged a reliable lawyer. Now is the time to look around and make a list of homes you’re interested in. Maybe you’ve already got your eye on a… [Read more…]

  • marbella 4 days walking 2015 sand

    2015 Marks Fifth Anniversary for Marbella 4 Days Walking

    By now, Marbella 4 days Walking has become a familiar event for everyone in the sunny town. This year marks its fifth anniversary. From 8 to 11 October, young and old can once again discover Marbella’s beauty while walking a 20 or 30 km route. It leads through the lesser-known hills and mountains and more… [Read more…]

  • puerto banus marbella

    Living in Puerto Banus: Marbella’s Marina of Fame

    An impression for those interested in Puerto Banus property If you talk about Marbella, you talk about Puerto Banus, or Puerto José Banús in full. Marbella’s marina of fame draws attention from all over the world with its dazzling yachts and buzzing night life. As an estate agent that also operates in Puerto Banus, we… [Read more…]

  • Are you ready for the Marbella Starlite Festival 2015?

    Don’t miss out on one of the biggest Marbella events! In Marbella, anything can become spectacular. The transformation of an old, disused quarry into one of the most popular Marbella events of the year is perhaps one of the best examples. Every summer, numerous stars and celebrities gather in Marbella to perform and socialize at… [Read more…]

  • british buying a property in spain pound

    British Buying a Property in Spain Increases Despite Price Rise

    The Spanish house market is doing better. Increased confidence and flourishing tourism amongst others have led to higher house prices in some areas of Spain. But this increase in house price is not keeping the British from buying a property in Spain. On the contrary, house sales in Spain to foreigners, including residents from the… [Read more…]

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