La Zagaleta Sotogrande – Castellar: Redefining Luxury Living in Southern Spain

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    La Zagaleta, located in the picturesque landscape of the Benahavis municipality, just above Marbella, stands out as a symbol of exclusivity, and unrivaled living standards. It began as a remote private hunting estate in 1991 and since then has developed into one of the most exclusive gated communities in Europe. Now La Zagaleta group is starting a new chapter in the story of luxury living in the region with its expansion into the picturesque municipality of Sotogrande. In this article, Realista explores the comprehensive plan for La Zagaleta’s expansion into Sotogrande, highlighting its various aspects and potential to redefine luxury living in Southern Spain.

    La Zagaleta History

    Established in 1991 in Benahavis, Spain, La Zagaleta was created by Enrique Pérez Flores. Transforming a vast hunting ground formerly belonging to businessman Adnan Khashoggi, Flores crafted a luxurious residential enclave. With a focus on comfort, privacy, and safety, La Zagaleta swiftly emerged as one of Europe’s premier residential destinations for those seeking to live close to natural surroundings.

    Now the company is building another project in Castellar on the land near the Arenillas road, which connects the town to Sotogrande. It’ll basically be an expansion of Sotogrande, blending in with the beautiful natural surroundings.

    La Zagaleta Sotogrande Project Details

    As La Zagaleta is working towards launching this luxurious project, we will tell you about the project’s administrative progress, impact on the local community, and the world-class amenities that will set a new standard of luxury living in Southern Spain.

    Administrative Progress and Local Impact

    As the administration progresses through various administrative procedures with the Junta de Andalucía, including the Special Infrastructure Plan and the recently approved Partial Plan for the initial phase, Mayor Adrián Vaca describes this process as a crucial milestone as it will enhance the value of Castellar and its surrounding areas, fostering economic growth and job creation.

    La Zagaleta Sotogrande Golf Course and Luxury Resort

    La Zagaleta Group is gearing up to launch a prestigious golf project in Sotogrande/Castellar, Spain, with renowned architect Tom Doak at the helm. This venture, situated near Sotogrande and previously known as Valderrama II, is slated to offer either 18 or 36 holes of golfing pleasure. With construction permits secured and Doak’s visionary blueprints in the works, anticipation is high for this exciting development.

    The project was originally proposed by the club’s founder, Jaime Ortíz Patiño as Valderrama II in 2007 with Castellar town hall granting the provisional approval a year later. However, Patiño passed away in 2013 before significant progress could be made on the project. In December 2015, La Zagaleta acquired the Valderrama Group for €40 million, intending to develop a second course, along with a hotel and residential complex. Despite later selling Valderrama Golf Club to its members, La Zagaleta proceeded with plans for the Valderrama II project.

    Following are some of the features of this golf course that will make it one of the best golfing destinations in the whole of Europe.

    Secluded Location

    Situated in protected land near Sotogrande, Majarambuz promises a serene escape for its members. Access will be restricted to members, their guests, and patrons of the Resort’s Hotel and Branded Residences, enhancing the club’s allure as an exclusive retreat.

    Exclusive Club

    Dubbed “MAJARAMBUZ,” the golf club aims to become one of the most elite destinations in Continental Europe. Membership will be by invitation only, limited to around 300 individuals, potentially leading to a lengthy waitlist.

    Exclusivity and Design

    Jacobo Cestino, CEO of La Zagaleta Group, highlights the exclusivity of Majarambuz, attributing it to Tom Doak’s exceptional design and the impeccable maintenance of the golf facilities. Tom Doak is well-known for his designs and their perfect integration with natural settings.
    Doak’s courses have achieved prestigious recognition, with seven of them, including Pacific Dunes, Ballyneal, and Cape Kidnappers, gracing Golf Magazine’s top 100 list in the world.

    He initially collaborated with the renowned Pete Dye, but his design philosophy was truly shaped by Alister MacKenzie, the mastermind behind legendary courses like Cypress Point. This influence became evident in Doak’s work on the restoration of MacKenzie’s cherished Pasatiempo course in 2007.

    Minimalism and the use of sand dunes are hallmarks of Doak’s style. He skillfully incorporates natural features into his layouts, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for practical benefits like drainage. This approach, evident in his dune-centric masterpieces, elevates the golfing experience by creating a sense of connection with the environment.

    The same could be expected for this course as it will offer a challenging experience, appealing to dedicated golf enthusiasts with a low to mid-range handicap.

    Diverse Amenities of La Zagaleta Sotogrande

    In addition to golf, the development will have facilities for hunting, fishing, and horse riding. The vision for La Zagaleta in Castellar de la Frontera is to create a globally renowned exclusive destination, hosting international events and tournaments like the World Equestrian Games.

    Different Accommodation Options

    The project is expected to have a luxury hotel with branded residences for the guests. Apart from these residences, the project will offer different residential options that include single-family villas, and apartment units catering to families and travelers.

    • Luxury hotel: 120 rooms offering an unparalleled experience for discerning travelers and residents.
    • Single-family villas: 60 expansive homes providing a haven of privacy and exclusivity.
    • Apartment units: 40 units offering modern, convenient, and elegant living spaces for families and diverse guests.

    Sustainability and Environmental Harmony

    La Zagaleta Sotogrande will elevate the concept of luxury by prioritizing environmental harmony alongside superior living. The project will adhere to the same low-density model as its counterpart in the  Benahavis municipality. The eco-conscious design and development will include approaches like dedicated conservation efforts, sustainable infrastructure, and the creation of extensive green spaces. By utilizing this approach, the project will achieve a perfect balance between luxurious living and preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings for generations to come.

    Economic Impact and Job Creation

    In addition to attracting wealthy residents and tourists, the development of La Zagaleta Sotogrande will also create more jobs for local citizens. During the construction phase, the project is expected to create over 1,000 jobs. As a result, Castellar and its surrounding areas will experience a significant injection of employment opportunities, which will improve the local economy.

    Cultural Enrichment and Heritage Preservation

    While embracing a modern perspective on luxury, La Zagaleta Sotogrande remains deeply rooted in the rich Andalusian heritage. The development will incorporate traditional elements, ensuring respect for the region’s history. Furthermore, the project will promote local culinary traditions, arts, and crafts, further enriching the cultural tapestry of Castellar.


    This expansion of La Zagaleta’s in Sotogrande is set to redefine the future of luxury living in Southern Spain. From a world-class golf course designed by Tom Doak to a diverse range of amenities and residential options, this ambitious project aims to provide an unparalleled experience for residents and visitors alike. By offering top-notch amenities and prioritizing environmental sustainability, La Zagaleta Sotogrande has the potential to set a new standard for luxury living while fostering a thriving community that celebrates the region’s rich heritage and natural beauty. La Zagaleta Sotogrande is poised to become a premier destination for individuals seeking a luxurious lifestyle in beautiful surroundings.