Bulevar Parque Central de Estepona: A Vision for Urban Renewal and Community Growth

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    Estepona, located on the picturesque shores of the Costa del Sol, is a town that has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. At the heart of this urban transformation lies the promise of a new urban landscape—the Bulevar Parque Central de Estepona. This ambitious project marks the culmination of a decade-long journey of Estepona’s urban renewal and transformation.

    Realista has come up with an in-depth article about Estepona Boulevard, exploring its significance, features, and impact on the town landscape and community.

    Bulevar Parque Central Estepona Vision

    At the start of the year, the Mayor of Estepona (Málaga), José María García Urbano, unveiled plans for the Parque Central Bulevar at the Madrid Tourism Fair, Fitur. According to the vision shared by the Mayor, the purpose of this project is to create a large public space that will connect the existing pedestrian boulevard, which has transformed the old N-340 road into one of the country’s best promenades, with the recently renovated historic center, known as the “Garden of the Costa del Sol”.

    This extensive project will help bridge the gap between the town’s bustling center, an area for social and economic activity to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The aim of this initiative is to place Estepona at the forefront of sustainable cities, prioritizing factors like improved quality of life for residents, a focus on environmental well-being, and ample pedestrian space.

    Details About Bulevar Parque Central Estepona

    Recently, the Estepona City Council has opened the tenders for the creation of a large boulevard park that will revitalize a key area of Estepona and is expected to bring new life to the area. This project will be developed on San Lorenzo Avenue, strategically located on the axis between the new town hall, the promenade, Espana Avenue, and the main urban area.

    This new municipal project will serve as a focal point for leisure, commerce, and community engagement. By reimagining the external redevelopment of these key avenues, the council aims to create another expansive pedestrian boulevard that seamlessly integrates with the town’s existing infrastructure. This new initiative will create a large public space featuring:

    • A spacious pedestrian boulevard with leisure and commercial areas.
    • An underground public car park with a capacity of over 300 vehicles, seamlessly integrated into the €1 per day municipal parking network.
    • A design that prioritizes social, economic, and environmental sustainability and natural beauty. 

    Financing of The New Bulevar Parque Central Estepona

    The New Bulevar Parque Central project is poised to set new standards for urban development in Estepona. As proposals are evaluated based on criteria such as quality-price ratio and execution time, the council remains committed to delivering a project that not only meets the needs of residents and visitors but also contributes to the town’s long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

    The City Council has also initiated the procedures for the arrangement of a loan of 5 million euros to finance part of the works, as outlined in the Municipal Budget for 2024. However, this operation is carried out in compliance, with a commitment to full repayment before the end of the current term of office. Thus, the execution of this project will not burden future corporations with debt, a responsible approach that aligns with the council’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and sustainable growth.

    Features of The Bulevar Parque Central Estepona

    At the heart of the Parque Central Bulevar project lies a commitment to create a dynamic public space that reflects Estepona’s unique identity. Spanning approximately 22,000 square meters, the boulevard will feature an array of amenities and attractions, including squares, promenades, and parks. These elements will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space but also provide residents and visitors with opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and social interaction.

    The development of Parque Central Bulevar is guided by principles of social, economic, and environmental sustainability at the core. By merging the pedestrian boulevard with the Mediterranean, the city council aims to create one of the best promenades in the country—a testament to its commitment to quality tourism and urban livability. Moreover, the inclusion of features such as taxi stops, loading and unloading spaces, and parking areas for motorcycles, electric vehicles, and bicycles underscores the council’s dedication to improving mobility and accessibility for all.

    Benefits of Estepona Parque Central Bulevar

    Following are the benefits of the Parque Central Bulevar project for Estepona.

    Enhanced Quality of Life

    The Parque Central Bulevar isn’t just about creating a beautiful space—it’s about enhancing the quality of life for Estepona’s residents. By providing ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, cultural activities, and social interaction, the boulevard serves as a catalyst for community engagement and well-being. Whether it’s enjoying a stroll along the promenade, gathering with friends in one of the squares, or attending a cultural event in the park, residents will have access to a diverse range of experiences right in the heart of their town.

    Economic Growth

    In addition to its social and environmental benefits, Parque Central Bulevar is expected to have a positive impact on Estepona’s economy. As a magnet for tourism and commerce, the boulevardr will attract visitors from near and far, boosting local businesses and stimulating economic growth. From cafes and restaurants to shops and galleries, the boulevard will create opportunities for entrepreneurs and artisans to showcase their talents and contribute to the town’s vibrant cultural scene.

    Looking Ahead

    As construction on the Parque Central Bulevar progresses, Estepona embarks on a new chapter of its urban evolution. With its vibrant public spaces, sustainable design, and community-focused approach, the boulevard promises to be a catalyst for positive change and growth in the town. As residents and visitors alike gather to enjoy its amenities, the Parque Central Bulevar stands as a testament to Estepona’s vision for a brighter, more vibrant future.


    Estepona Parque Central Bulevar represents more than just a physical transformation—it shows the City Council’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community building. With its focus on quality of life, environmental well-being, and economic growth, this ambitious initiative is poised to leave a lasting impact on the town and its residents. As construction progresses and the boulevard takes shape, the Parque Central Bulevar project will prove to be a game-changer for Estepona, shaping its future and cementing its position as a leading example of urban transformation.