Negotiating the best value for you

Negotiation is a key part of Costa del Sol property purchase. To ensure the best value and terms when you buy, you need an expert in the local market. This is where the Realista property finding service on the Costa del Sol steps in.

With over 25 years’ experience in the area, we know the area and sub-areas in detail; we know what sort of property sells; and we know the right price to pay. This expertise and insider knowledge allows us to save and make money for our clients. Firstly, by ensuring the property is bought at the right price and secondly, by ensuring that it’s in an area likely to increase in value.

Negotiations on your behalf

Once you have selected a property we then discuss tactics and handle the negotiation on your behalf. Negotiation is one of our main areas of expertise and through them, we invariably save money for our clients.

From our position on the inside track we are totally objective and emotionally detached. This generally helps achieve a better price. We know the market conditions and current market values. We push hard to ensure our clients pay the best price possible at the time. We will be marketing you to the seller’s agent from day one and where the vendor has more than one bid to consider, our influence and contacts may be critical in tipping the balance in your favour.

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