Property finding service on the Costa del Sol

Property finding service on the Costa del Sol

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    Our property finding service on the Costa del Sol involves a combination of many factors and the pooling of valuable resources. In order to find the right property for all our clients we work with just a few at a time. By limiting the number of clients on our books at any one time we are able to ensure each search receives the highest level of personal attention.

    Why you need a property finder

    Buying a property generally counts as the biggest investment of our lives, but all too often we don’t call on the experts. Many of us use a stockbroker to buy our shares and we employ lawyers to represent us in court. However, when it comes to buying property – usually an enormous investment – we tend to try and do it ourselves.

    At the most, we get a surveyor to check the property’s structure and a lawyer to check the legal work. However, we don’t know whether the property is a good investment, if it’s located in a good area or whether the property is really worth its asking price. Using our expert services, our clients benefit from insider knowledge and get the best value.


    The first step in our property finding service is to find out exactly what you’re looking for. Before we start our search we meet you at any convenient location and discuss what you are looking to achieve. Based on this discussion, we compile a comprehensive Search Brief on your ideal property and location. If you would like to send us a brief description of what you are looking for before we meet, please complete our Search Form. Once we receive your requirements we will contact you to discuss how we can be of help.

    Area Familiarisation Tour

    An essential part of any property finding service on the Costa del Sol is location

    . If you are unfamiliar with the area, we will be most happy to show you around and offer local insight on specific locations. This will give you a feel for amenities, property costs and styles as well as the pros and cons of each area. Of course, we offer this service without any commitment whatsoever.

    If you’d like some insight in a specific area before you arrive, check out our exclusive area guides. Read the:


    As part of our preparation we thoroughly research the market to source properties that match your requirements. We preview and assess both properties on the open market or those still at pre-market stage and then put together a short list to discuss with you.

    Viewings are arranged at your convenience and we accompany you at all times to point out the pros and cons of each property and importantly, learn from your feedback. This helps us fine tune our search.


    Our search continues until we find the right combination of location, property and price

    . This may take a week, a month or much longer, but during this time you can rest assured that there is someone on your side driving the search forward. We give you regular progress updates and check that your brief has not changed and that we are on track.

    If your search is for investment purchases, we can accompany proposals with cash flow projections detailing cost and income expectations.


    Another key aspect of our property finding service on the Costa del Sol is our invaluable network of contacts. Over the last 25 years, we have built up a list of reputable and trustworthy agents who are aware that, at any one time, we act for a number of highly committed purchasers. This allows us access to prior-market information meaning we are often the first to know when a property is about to enter the market.

    Real Estate Agents

    We utilise an extensive network of real estate agents who we can call on and who contact us. This ensures a constant flow of property information, which in turn keeps our clients one step ahead of other buyers. This continual communication and monitoring of new properties would be too time-consuming for our clients. Our property finding service saves our clients incalculable time because we do the communicating and monitoring on their behalf.

    Other Resources

    In our search for the right property for our clients, we also use the following resources:

    • Internet and press advertising searches.
    • Mail drops in specific areas of interest to our clients.
    • Proactive research of new developers and renovations.
    • Networking and communicating with developers and private owners who contact us looking for buyers.


    The actual decisions about buying a property are, of course, up to you, but we are on hand all the time to help you make them. We give professional, independent and unemotional advice on the pros and cons of all aspects of a purchase such as location, resale, value and structure.

    Importantly, there’s no pressure on you to buy because we, not you, are the selling agent’s key contact. If you need time to make a decision, we help to keep the agents and their vendors on side in an effort to not lose out to other potential buyers.


    The ideal residential property investment is a combination of yield, income, quality of tenant, resale potential and capital gain. Our job as a property finding service on the Costa del Sol is to deliver them these all so that you achieve the highest return on equity with the least risk.

    In addition, we are on hand to advise on property management options for your new property. Securing a high quality tenant for your new investment will be significant in maximising the occupancy rate and reducing potential maintenance costs.