Realista is an expert who knows the area, what sells and what prices should be paid. Through our experience we are normally able to both save and make money for our clients. Firstly, by ensuring the property is bought at the right price and secondly that it’s in an area that is likely to increase in value.

Many of us get a stockbroker to buy our shares, we have barristers to represent us in court, but yet when it comes to buying property – usually the biggest investment of our lives – we often tend to try and do it ourselves. We get a surveyor and solicitor to check that the property and the deal is basically sound, but what we don’t know is whether the property is a good investment, in a good area and whether the property is really worth what its being sold for. By employing an expert in the field, our clients are put on the inside track.

Once you have selected a property we will then discuss tactics and handle the negotiation on your behalf. Negotiation is one of our main areas of expertise and we are able to save money for our clients more often than not. From our position on the inside track we are totally objective and emotionally detached; this generally helps achieve a better price. We know the market conditions and up to date values. We push hard to ensure our clients pay the best price possible at the time. We will be marketing you to the agent from day one and where the vendor has more than one bid to consider, our influence and contacts may be critical in tipping the balance in your favour.

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