7 reasons to buy property in Estepona in 2022

Plaza de las Flores in Estepona, Andalusia, Spain

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    If you’ve earmarked 2022 as the year you buy property on the Costa del Sol, we’d like to propose you choose Estepona for your purchase. This pretty resort at the western end of the coastline is often overlooked in favour of its glitzy neighbour, Marbella, but we know it offers myriad advantages for foreigners. Don’t believe us? Then read on for seven compelling reasons to buy property in Estepona in 2022. Also here you can check out our listings for properties for sale in Estepona

    Major improvements underway

    Over the last few years, Estepona has made substantial investments in upgrades to the town. Improvements have taken place across the board and from one end of the municipality to the other. 

    They include the following: 

    • Giving the entire town centre a facelift.
    • Asphalting (new and replacement) avenues and streets.
    • Adding new stretches to the coastal walkway (corridor litoral). 
    • Improving parking facilities in the town centre with new car parks. 
    • Building new sports installations and green areas. 

    As a result, Estepona is currently one of the most dynamic towns on the Costa del Sol and visitors are astonished at the speed and quality of the improvements taking place. This has a knock-on effect in the property market.  

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    Value-for-money real estate

    Perhaps one of the most convincing reasons to buy property in Estepona in 2022 lies in its prices. While real estate isn’t the cheapest on the Costa del Sol, it still has a much lower price tag than nearby Marbella and Sotogrande. 

    Plus, there’s the potential to maintain its value. Continual improvements to the town’s infrastructure and amenities add to Estepona’s appeal and attract more homebuyers. As a result, property prices in the area will continue to hold their value over the next decade. 

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    Higher quality experiences

    Hand-in-hand with the upgrades goes the arrival of several high-end establishments in Estepona over the last year. In 2021, Ikos opened their first 5* all-inclusive resort in Spain in the summer and Hotel Ikos Andalucia has quickly become of the best places to stay on the Costa del Sol. 

    In 2022, it’s the turn of the 5-star Mett Hotel and Beach Resort, due to open in the summer at the east end of the resort. The new establishment will include Koyo, an Asian restaurant that has seen huge success in Dubai. 

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    Cutting-edge design

    Like the hotels, real estate in Estepona also offers the best in contemporary architecture. Many of the current developments along the New Golden Mile testify to this and include some of the best-quality residential complexes on the Costa del Sol. Los Granados del Mar and Alcazaba Beach are just two examples. 

    In terms of new homes, you’ll find cutting-edge designs throughout Estepona. The new development combines high-tech, sustainable construction and stunning locations to perfection. The Edge and Ikkil Bay are currently in the pipeline, both at the west end of the resort and offering some of the best property on the Costa del Sol. 

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    Still a traditional enclave

    But despite the high-end hotels and fine dining experiences, Estepona remains true to its origins. A walk along its seafront promenade or a stroll around the town centre reveals a traditional fishing enclave that continues to offer Andalusian charm and a warm welcome. 

    We believe that this combination of new and modern with old and traditional is one of the biggest advantages. And by extension, it offers a compelling reason to buy property in Estepona in 2022. 

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    Tranquil environment

    Estepona might be next-door to Puerto Banús and Marbella, but it’s a world apart in terms of ambiance. Many visitors and homeowners in Estepona highlight the peace and quiet found in the resort compared to the louder atmosphere in nearby Marbella. 

    And, of course, this geographical proximity has its advantage. When you wish to spend time in Marbella and enjoy its glitz and glamour, you’re just a short car drive away. Then, once you’ve had your fill, you can return to the tranquillity of Estepona next door! 

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    Buoyant property market

    Our final reason to buy property in Estepona in 2022 lies in the market itself. The resort enjoyed one of its busiest years in 2021 with both sales and prices on solid upward trends. Moreover, demand shows no signs of slowing down – on the contrary, we’re receiving more enquiries about Estepona real estate than ever. 

    Indeed, we expect sales to increase over the next 12 months and prices to continue to rise. Therefore, we would advise that if you’re seriously thinking of buying in Estepona in 2022, you do it sooner rather than later. 

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