16 things to do in Estepona – the ultimate bucket list

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    Estepona might be small in size but this resort on the Costa del Sol comes positively packed with things to do. And best of all, there’s something for everyone and of all ages. To help you plan your time in the town, read our ultimate bucket list – no less than 16 great things to do in Estepona.

    Wander the old town

    Like Marbella, one of the best things to do in Estepona is to stroll around the old town. The pristine streets – all lined with flower-filled pots (a different colour for each street) – show off their whitewashed façades with typical Andalusian wrought-iron features. You’ll wander along cobbled streets, through pretty squares and come across many fine buildings.

    Don’t miss Plaza de las Flores, which is as flower-filled as its name.

    Enjoy the freshest fish on the coast

    Not trip to Estepona would be complete without tasting the local fish and seafood. Caught by the Estepona fishing fleet and as fresh as it comes, this typical fare is served at all the restaurants along the seafront promenade.

    Don’t miss a dish of grilled sardines, known as an espeto, and most delicious from May to August.

    Wondering which are the best chiringuitos in Estepona?

    Marvel at the murals

    Walk around anywhere in Estepona and you can’t help noticing the giant murals on the façades. There are currently over 60 of them and all stunning.

    Be prepared for some very clever trompe l’oeil, colourful designs, poignant messages and art making use of what’s already there. Seeing all 62 takes some dedication but definitely take in at least 10 during your visit.

    Don’t miss Fishing Day on Calle Terraza, a mural that stretches over five multi-storey façades.

    Go on safari

    A must for the kids and any animal lovers, Selwo Adventure packs in the fun. The 1 million square metre site is home to wild animals including white rhinos, tigers, giraffes and lions. See them in semi-captivity as you ride round the park in safari trucks. And when the animal-gazing gets too much, jump on Europe’s longest zip-line. Allow a whole day for your visit.

    Don’t miss Madagascar Territory, home to some very inquisitive lemurs.

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    Get in a round of golf

    If you’re sporty and looking for things to do in Estepona, pick up your clubs and head for one of the resort’s seven golf courses. All different with varying levels of difficulty but all immaculate and with stunning views from the fairways.

    Don’t miss the chance to learn the sport or perfect your swing at one of the local golf academies, such as the Steven Palmer Golf Academy.

    See some (seriously) modern art

    If you like your art quirky and as contemporary as it comes, head for Casa de las Tejerinas on Plaza de las Flores. The first floor houses the MAD Estepona 21st Century Art exhibition showcasing Spanish artists. On the walls are locals Dadi Dreucol (also famous for his street art in Malaga) and Cheam Lumbreras as well as other top contemporary painters.

    Don’t miss the interiors at this fine 17th-century mansion whose patio is one of the most beautiful in this part of the Costa del Sol.

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    Check out the sculptures

    As well as murals, Estepona is also dotted with sculptures. Human figures and animals, carved in stone, marble or bronze sit on a grand total of 47 corners in the town. Get a map from the tourist office and make your way round them all.

    Don’t miss the Monument to the Tourist on the seafront promenade.

    Climb a mountain

    As well as more leisurely options, things to do in Estepona can also be active and demanding. If you love a challenging hike, you can’t go wrong with the stunning Sierra Bermeja mountain range that rises behind the town.

    Named after its vermillion colour, this sierra offers some of the best walking routes on the Costa del Sol. They include the Paseo de los Pinsapos, a route that takes you past pine trees unique to this part of Spain in western Europe.

    Don’t miss the panoramic views from the top when you can see far beyond Gibraltar and to the Rif Mountains in Morocco.

    Walk into a world of orchids

    Over 1,300 of them in fact as part of Europe’s largest collection. Housed within a striking modern glass-domed structure, the orchids take centre stage in a subtropical setting complete with three waterfalls.

    Find out more about Estepona Orchidarium.

    Don’t miss the Stanhopea trigrina orchid, originally from Mexico and very rare. Stand under and inhale the scent of chocolate.

    Taste some fabulous food

    Estepona has some excellent places to eat out whether you’re looking for a quick bite or gourmet dinner. Be sure to check out the tapas venues in the old town, try the restaurants on the seafront and experience delicious dishes from around the world at top venues in the resort.

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    Spot the watchtowers

    The Costa del Sol’s coastline has a chequered past and suffered frequent attacks from pirates. To protect it, the inhabitants built watchtowers, seven of which still stand today. Two of them date back to Moorish times while the others are more recent. Look out for these almenaras when you’re at the beach or strolling along the coastal walkway.

    Don’t miss the other watchtowers right the way along the Costa del Sol from Manilva to Malaga.

    Discover the past

    As well as shiny and new, things to do in Estepona also include the very ancient. See the oldest of them all at Corominas Megalithic Cemetery. Unearthed when the toll motorway was about to start construction, the necropolis dates back over 5,000 years. Now housed in an atmospheric underground museum, the five dolmens are joined by the objects and artefacts found in the tombs.

    Don’t miss the jewellery that includes some beautiful beads and the oldest seashell necklace on the Costa del Sol!

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    Walk the coast

    The Senda Litoral that runs the entire stretch of the Malaga coastline meanders through Estepona and makes a great place to take in views of the Mediterranean with Morocco on the horizon. Walk all the 21km or just a section.

    Don’t miss a stroll along the boardwalk at first or last light to take in the sunrise or sunset, particularly pretty in the winter months.

    Mooch round a market

    If you’re looking for things to do in Estepona on a Sunday, head for the Port. Here, you’ll find the open-air market with stalls selling everything from bric-a-brac to arts and crafts via flowers and fruits. From 9am onwards.

    Don’t miss the fresh fish auction that takes places in the Port in late afternoon.

    Dive deep

    The Mediterranean around Estepona has some of the best conditions for scuba diving on the Costa del Sol. Put on flippers and wetsuit and get ready for a unique underwater world of reefs, ancient remains, Posidonia forests and shipwrecks, all teaming with wildlife. Buceo Estepona is just one of the companies offering scuba diving trips and tuition in Estepona.

    Don’t miss the other water sports in Estepona – choose from kite surfing, sailing, fishing,

    Make Estepona your home

    Our final item on our list of essential things to do in Estepona is to make this lovely resort your home. Or at least your holiday home. Owning a property in this part of the Costa del Sol gives you the chance to tick off everything on this bucket list while you enjoy 320 days of sunshine a year and a wonderful al fresco lifestyle.

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