Investing in Marbella real estate: 3 things investors should know

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    Marbella is booming, and not just because of the amazing parties! Earlier we reported that Marbella has taken the lead when it comes to property sales in Spain. Top quality properties and high interest from foreign buyers has put Marbella real estate high up the list of popular investments. However, with its property market recovering, bargain deals are becoming sparse and making the right decisions becomes harder. For those interested in investing in real estate in this attractive town, a piece of property investment advice from a local agency would certainly help. So, here’s 3 things investors should know about Marbella.


    1. West is Best

    The greater region of Marbella is popular in general, but even hot spots have got their best sides. In the case of Marbella, you’ll want to be looking westwards. Not just the west of the town and the Golden Mile stretching until Puerto Banus, but also places such as Nueva Andalucia, Benahavis, El Paraiso and Estepona, to name but a few. Besides benefitting from general plus points such as the weather and the proximity of the beach, these places offer safe gated communities, picturesque golf courses, great restaurants and bars and, more than elsewhere, top quality real estate worth investing in. On top of that, famous places nearby include the Los Flamingos Golf Resort with its 5-star hotel, the Puro Beach in Estepona, hotel Kempinski and hotel Puento Romano. All these attract people who enjoy a high quality lifestyle, which means a good market for luxury real estate.


    2. Opportunities Are Still There

    Although prices are expected to fluctuate in 2014 because of the growing property market, there are still plenty of opportunities to be had when it comes to Marbella real estate. You do, however, need to be well-informed in order to find them. Foreign buyers have already been picking up good deals and because of this prices have gone up over the last year. Due to the crisis, the government has also put a restraint on construction, so prime location real estate investing opportunities can be hard to come by. Investors will want to look for in-land new developments of high quality that are still going at a lower price but are expected to rise soon. Speed is key, but make sure the real estate you invest in has a real edge to it. Sustainable features are one thing that can prove an advantage.

    3. Quality > Price

    In a highly competitive environment such as the Marbella real estate market, quality is more important than price. This is why some real estate prices have gone down in the region but luxury real estate in prime locations still hold on to their value. There is an important lesson to learn from this. The reason that the market on the Costa del Sol is recovering quicker than the rest of the country is (amongst others) because people are genuinely satisfied with the quality, size and finish of its homes. From start to finish, things that are considered luxuries in other places are common here, especially in Marbella. And that’s what keeps buyers coming, time after time. So if you’re considering investing in Marbella real estate, think about quality. Choose a property that caters to every need – whether it’s physical, financial or practical. The fact that Marbella’s real estate market is recovering only proves that there’s a large international market searching to buy.

    Are you interested in investing in Marbella real estate but would you like some more property investment advice first? Feel free to contact us for more information about the region and the opportunities it provides. As local property experts, we provide honest and straight-forward advice. Or have a browse through available real estate to see what’s for sale.