Guide to sell your property successfully on the Costa del Sol

Guide to sell your property successfully

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    As one of the world’s most popular places to buy a holiday home, the Costa del Sol has a buoyant property market. Even during the pandemic, interest in buying has remained strong, particularly at the higher end of the price spectrum. In principle, this gives sellers the edge but in practice, a busy marketplace also means that competition is high. And as a result, some owners face frustrating months with their home on the market and little interest.

    However, the good news is that with the right preparation, a good choice of professionals and savvy market knowledge you can sell your property quickly and at a fair price. Read on for our guide to sell your property successfully on the Costa del Sol.

    The right preparation

    Having everything in place from the day you put your home on the market will make all the difference between a quick sale and a long wait for a buyer. Bear in mind that time and money spent on getting your property in order will give you the edge in the market.

    The right impression

    Before you even think of what you want to get for your home on the Costa del Sol, take a long look at the property itself. Remember that first impressions are lasting and you want your home to give prospective buyers the right impression the minute they see the first photo.

    But to do this, you need to be objective. After all, we all love our own homes and easily forgive or forget about the flaws. Ask someone whose opinion you trust to tell you what could be improved in your home.

    In particular, spend time looking at and sprucing up the following:

    Kerb appeal – make the outside of your property look as inviting and as attractive as possible. Make a buyer want to walk inside and explore more.

    Garden and outside spaces – tidy and smarten them up. Help a buyer imagine enjoying an al fresco lifestyle in them.

    Paintwork and finishes – freshen them up and repair if necessary. Make sure a buyer doesn’t think your property looks tired.

    Furniture and belongings – remove quirky and large pieces to create space. Tidy up and get rid of clutter. Help a buyer visualise their own furniture and things in the space.

    Major refurbs

    There are of course some instances when a property needs more than a touch of paint and a declutter. Perhaps the kitchen and bathrooms are due for a refurb or the windows need replacing. In this case, you have two options:

    1. Carry out the refurb before you put the property on the market. The extra expenditure usually adds value to the price you can ask for your home.
    2. Or, set a price that reflects the work that needs doing and make sure that potential buyers are aware of this. See The right price below.

    The right paperwork

    It’s also worth spending some time getting the paperwork in order for your home on the Costa del Sol. Being able to present a buyer (or more likely, their lawyer) with all the appropriate documents will save time on the transaction. Plus give an excellent impression of you as a seller.

    The right paperwork includes a copy of your title deeds, receipts for taxes and fees such as Community of Owners and an energy efficiency certificate. Read a complete list of property paperwork.

    The right price

    Now you have your home on the Costa del Sol prepped ready for sale, you come to the next important consideration: the price. Bring in the experts – ask a reputable estate agent for their opinion and then get another estimate. If there’s a big difference between the price, consult a third.

    And then compare the middle ground with your expectations. However, listen more to the experts than to your calculations. Sellers are rarely objective when it comes to their own home and we all tend to think our property is worth more than it actually is.

    Remember, your property is only worth what a buyer is prepared to pay you for it. And this is even more true in a competitive market such as the Costa del Sol.

    The right professionals

    You can of course sell your home yourself. A DIY approach works for some people, but bear in mind that this route is time-consuming and you probably won’t have access to a full range of prospective buyers.

    If you’re not inclined to take your own photos, upload them and the property details to online sites and then spend hours of your time booking viewing appointments and then showing people round, then it’s best to use the services of a professional.

    An experienced estate agent offers the following advantages:

    • Marketing expertise to present your home in the best possible light online. See The right marketing below.
    • Market knowledge to place your property where its buyers are most likely to be.
    • Market experience to access the right potential buyers.
    • Language liaison to speak to buyers in their own language to ensure they have an optimum experience when they show interest in your home.
    • Property visit proficiency to ensure that each viewing of your property is professional, informative and as appealing as possible to a buyer.
    • Follow-up expertise to make sure interested parties stay in the loop and can arrange for further viewings and/or get the right answers to their questions.
    • Negotiating know-how to create the best possible environment for finding a final price that suits both the buyer and you, the seller.

    Wondering how to find the best professional? Read our guide to choosing a good estate agent on the Costa del Sol.

    The right lawyer

    It’s also a good idea to hire the services of a lawyer experienced in conveyancing. They can help you prepare the right paperwork, offer advice on potential problems and above all, ensure your interests are protected throughout the process.

    Find the best lawyers in Marbella.

    The right marketing

    Once you’ve spent time and resources presenting your home on the Costa del Sol in its best possible light, you’ll want an expert to ensure the marketing reflects this. Professional photos and videos should create the perfect first impression online to entice buyers to book a viewing.

    Better still are 3D walk-throughs especially in times of travel restrictions.

    And we mustn’t forget the all-important work behind the scenes. Choose an estate agency with a polished website that downloads quickly and is easy to navigate both on desktop and mobile devices. And check their online ranking – the better the agency’s SEO, the more potential buyers will see your property.

    The right market

    As well as the right presentation, you also want an agency with exposure to the markets interested in your type of property. The Costa del Sol appeals universally but certain buyer profiles dominate the market. An estate agency with a foothold in these markets will be able to market your home there and increase your chances of a sale.

    The right negotiations

    With all the above in place, you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a serious buyer to show interest in your property. And this is when price and terms negotiations start, a vital step to ensure a sale.

    Trust in your chosen estate agent to guide you on this point – an experienced professional will not only have market knowledge but have a feel for different types of buyer. And as a result, know which buttons to press and which to leave alone.

    The right closure

    When you’re selling your home on the Costa del Sol, you’re liable for certain fees and taxes. Your lawyer or representative will take care of these to ensure you meet all your fiscal obligations are met. This is particularly important for capital gains tax and if you’re non-resident.

    Read about taxes on selling property on the Costa del Sol.

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