Hotel Puente Romano Marbella

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    This guide to Puente Romano Hotel forms part of the Realista guides to iconic places on the Costa del Sol. Below you’ll find a general overview of this emblematic hotel and the amenities onsite.

    Hotel Puente Romano Marbella General Overview

    Puente Romano Hotel was built in 1974 on the back of the huge success of its neighbour, the Marbella Club Hotel. Named after the first-century Roman bridge on the site, Puente Romano Hotel started life as apartments before becoming a hotel in 1979. Like Marbella Club Hotel, the hotel enjoys a privileged position in the heart of the Golden Mile in Marbella and ranks as one of the best 5-star GL hotels on the Costa del Sol.

    Puente Romano Hotel offers luxury accommodation including several suites – the Imperial Suite with sea views and 190 square metres is famed as one of the most exclusive hotel suites in Spain. The hotel boasts award-winning tropical gardens with over 400 plant and tree species as well as numerous water features. Other onsite facilities include a well-being centre and spa, several restaurants, and a beach club. The Puente Romano Beach Resort comes into its own in the summer months with a restaurant, bar, and live music every evening.

    Stay at Puente Romano Marbella

    When it comes to accommodations at Puente Romano Marbella, guests are treated to a luxurious selection of suites and private villas, each designed to offer unparalleled comfort and sophistication. Here’s a glimpse into the exquisite accommodation offerings:


    • Junior Suite
    • Garden Suite
    • Deluxe Junior Suite
    • Deluxe Garden Suite
    • Deluxe Two-Bedroom Suite
    • Grand Junior Suite
    • Grand Suite Kitchen

    Grand Suites

    • Mediterranean Suite
    • Royal Beach Suite
    • Imperial Beach Suite

    Private Villas

    • Villa Pereza
    • Villa Armonia
    • Villa Romano

    At Hotel Puente Romano Marbella, each accommodation option promises an unforgettable stay, blending comfort, style, and unmatched hospitality amidst the breathtaking surroundings of Marbella.

    Activities at Puente Romano Marbella

    Puente Romano Beach Resort in Marbella is a great vacation place, offering various activities for all ages. Whether you enjoy being active or just want to relax, there’s something for everyone at this beautiful resort. Here’s a look at what you can do during your stay.

    Puente Romano Tennis Club

    A member of the Leading Hotels of the World since 1982, Puente Romano Hotel also has one of the best tennis clubs in Spain. Synonymous with top players, the club opened in 1980 under the management of Bjorn Borg who got married at the Hotel. Wimbledon champion Manolo Santana took over the Puente Romano Tennis Club in 1983.

    Puerto Romano Tennis Club boasts ten courts, eight of which are clay and four paddle tennis courts plus a gymnasium and shop. The central court has a capacity for 2,500 spectators and the Club regularly hosts tournaments in which big-name players participate. Spain won the qualifying round for the Davis Cup against Mexico here in 1988. Since then, most of the world’s best tennis players have visited the installations.

    The Club’s central court also holds concerts in the summer. Spanish soprano Montserrat Caballé sang at the opening concert in 1992 and since then, some of the world’s top artists have performed here: Lionel Richie, Dionne Warwick, Bryan Ferry and Van Morrison, to name just a few. Recent summer programmes have included George Bensen, Foreigner and Kool & The Gang.

    Water Activities

    If you love the water, Puente Romano has plenty to offer. You can go sailing on a 53-foot boat with a crew that takes care of everything. It’s a fantastic way to see the coast and enjoy the sea. For those who prefer staying closer to the hotel, there are several swimming pools that can be heated and are open all year round. The beach is also nearby, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or trying out water sports like jet skiing and paddleboarding.

    Sports & Fitness

    If you like to stay fit, you can join aerobic classes, spinning, or Pilates classes at the gym, which is equipped with the latest TechnoGym equipment. It’s a great way to keep up with your fitness routine even while on vacation.

    Golfers will be happy to know there are two championship golf courses nearby. These courses offer beautiful views and a challenging game for players of all levels. It’s a great way to spend a day outdoors.

    Wellness & Relaxation

    The Six Senses Spa at Puente Romano is perfect for those who want to relax and unwind. It’s the only Six Senses Spa in Spain, and its design combines traditional Andalusian architecture with natural stone and locally sourced materials. The spa offers a wide range of treatments, yoga sessions, and integrated wellness programs.

    The hotel has beautiful botanical gardens as well. You can take a walk through these gardens, and enjoy the colorful flowers and plants.

    Family and Kids Club

    Puente Romano is great for families, too. The Families & Kids Club offers lots of activities for children, from arts and crafts to outdoor games and sports. The club’s staff makes sure the kids are safe and having fun, giving parents some time to relax.

    Families can also enjoy tennis and water sports together. Kids will love meeting the bunny rabbits in the gardens, making for a fun and memorable experience. These activities ensure everyone in the family has a great time.

    Shopping & Work

    If you like shopping, you’ll enjoy the range of shops at Puente Romano, including:

    • Orlebar Brown: Tailored men’s beachwear inspired by the 60s Riviera and Palm Beach life.
    • Baindoux: Garments made from 100% Giza cotton, featuring colorful jackets for men and women.
    • Tennis Club Store: Wide range of tennis brands and equipment, with a section for childrenswear.
    • Las Noches Ibiza: Hippy glam style inspired by Marrakech, India, and iconic women.
    • MC2 Saint Barth: Beachwear and summer accessories, including sustainable garments made from recycled materials.

    For those who need to work during their stay, the hotel provides a dedicated workspace. It’s equipped with everything you need to get your work done while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the hotel.

    Restaurants in Puente Romano Marbella

    Puente Romano Marbella is home to several restaurants, serving a wide range of cuisines and dishes. You’ll find most of them in the central Plaza near the hotel entrance, while others are in the famous tropical gardens. Following are all the restaurants that you will find at the hotel.


    Experience the authentic flavors of Greece and the Mediterranean at GAIA, a culinary gem located in the heart of the resort. Renowned chefs Izu Ani and Orestis Kotefas have crafted a menu that showcases fresh, flavorful ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. The restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience in an elegant setting, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a true taste of the Mediterranean.


    Cheat at Puente Romano serves one of the best burgers in town. This all-day diner and cocktail bar serves American classics with a wholesome twist, using local organic produce. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or looking for a casual meal with family and friends, Cheat is a perfect spot for a relaxed meal any time of the day.


    For a more casual yet vibrant dining experience, Chiringuito at Puente Romano Beach Resort is the place to be. This Mediterranean Beach Club is perfect for those looking to enjoy a laid-back lunch or a refreshing cocktail by the sea. The menu features a variety of enticing options, from gazpacho, oysters, truffle risotto, and a delectable Wagyu burger. All these things are prepared to perfection, making Chiringuito the ultimate spot for a beachside feast.


    It is a cozy club that mixes casual and classy with tasty Mediterranean food, comfy poolside cabanas, top DJs, and sunset cocktails, all with stunning sea views and a laid-back vibe in Chambao.


    Celicioso is the best place for those seeking gluten-free dining options. This dedicated restaurant offers an extensive menu that caters to various dietary preferences, including vegan and dairy-free. From delectable sugar-free cupcakes to poke bowls, Celicioso ensures that gluten-free dining is not only healthy but also indulgent. Open from breakfast to dinner, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy wholesome meals in a relaxed atmosphere.

    La Plaza

    Centrally located among most of the hotel’s bars, lounges, and restaurants, La Plaza is the vibrant epicenter of the resort. An open-air terrace that hosts live music and culinary creations throughout the year. It’s the ideal spot to experience the lively atmosphere of Puente Romano while enjoying a wide range of dining options.


    Dani García’s Leña is one of the best restaurants in Puente Romano Hotel Marbella. The restaurant redefines the steakhouse experience with its innovative approach to grilling. The menu balances García’s culinary technique with a deep respect for high-quality produce. Guests can expect succulent steaks, chargrilled vegetables, and unique surf-and-turf dishes, all set within the restaurant’s beautiful stone and wood interior.

    Les Jardins du Liban

    Les Jardins du Liban transports diners to the heart of Lebanese gastronomy. Located in the resort’s lush gardens, Les Jardins du Liban offers a refined menu that celebrates the rich flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine. From hummus and tabbouleh to sweet desserts, the culinary experience is complemented by a variety of Lebanese wines.

    Nobu Restaurant

    The first Nobu restaurant in Spain; Nobu Marbella, brings the renowned Japanese fusion cuisine to the heart of Puente Romano Hotel Marbella. Led by Executive Chef Eleni Manousou, the menu features Nobu classics alongside dishes inspired by Andalusia’s finest ingredients. With modern and rustic interiors, Nobu offers a sophisticated dining experience, perfect for enjoying iconic dishes like black cod miso and Salmon Avocado Sushi Maki.

    Rachel’s Eco Love

    It is a poolside café that combines healthy and indulgent treats. The menu includes energizing juices, protein shakes, avocado-topped olive bread, and peach-stuffed crêpes, all made from the freshest ingredients. Rachel’s Eco Love is an ideal spot for a leisurely lunch or a refreshing break by the pool, where you can enjoy life at your own pace.

    Sea Grill

    The restaurant Sea Grill offers an exclusive dining experience with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. It offers a relaxed daytime vibe that transforms into a glamorous evening setting, illuminated by candles and starlight. The restaurant menu features a variety of fish and vegan options.

    Thai Gallery

    For Thai cuisine lovers, the Thai Gallery is the best place to have traditional Thai dishes in a beautifully decorated setting.


    One the best restaurants in Puente Romano Marbella is Cipriani. This iconic restaurant, known for its Carpaccio and iconic Bellini cocktail, offers a dining experience steeped in tradition and elegance. The restaurant’s elegant setting and impeccable service make it a standout destination for Italian cuisine lovers.


    Puente Romano takes you on a journey to Peru at COYA, with each dish a masterpiece fusing traditional flavors with techniques from Japan, China, and Spain. Aside from these unique flavourful dishes, the vibrant atmosphere makes COYA a standout restaurant for those looking to explore exotic flavors in a lively setting.

    Coya Pool

    The COYA Pool offers a blend of Peruvian culinary delights and cocktails in a trendy, carefree pool club setting. Located at the center of the Puente Romano Resort, this upscale sub-tropical haven is ideal for individuals who want to savor delectable dishes and refreshing beverages while relaxing by the pool. The laid-back, lively vibe makes COYA Pool a top choice for guests.

    BiBo by Dani García

    Dani García presents a refined yet relaxed dining experience at BiBo with a modern take on classic tapas. The selection features innovative dishes such as oxtail brioche, oysters, and ceviche, all prepared with García’s creative flair. This is an ideal place to savor small plates and relish in contemporary flavors within a stylish ambiance.

    Lagom Café

    The Lagom Café at the Puente Romano Resort’s Tennis Club is a great place to enjoy freshly baked cake and coffee after a game of tennis or to start your day. The café provides a cozy spot to relax and treat yourself.

    Jardins sur Mer

    In the heart of the resort’s garden, Jardins sur Mer serves authentic Japanese sushi. Guests can enjoy the finest nigiri, sashimi, tiradito, and tataki, making it a must-visit for sushi enthusiasts. The tranquil garden setting adds to the dining experience, creating a serene and delightful ambiance.

    El Pimpi

    Steeped in tradition, El Pimpi Marbella brings the vibrancy of Southern Spain to your plate. Savor the region’s rich culinary heritage in a contemporary setting infused with Mediterranean flair.

    Pica Pica

    The Pica Pica serves American-style thin-crust pizzas prepared in a wood-fired oven. Situated within the resort’s sub-tropical gardens, this pizza place offers a scenic setting to enjoy appetizing pizzas.


    Discover a new kind of nightlife at Chanca, Europe’s first venue of its kind. Enjoy non-stop music and a lively atmosphere. Chanca by COYA delivers an unforgettable evening-to-late-night experience with exceptional drinks, unique cocktails, and bold Latin American cuisine. This recently opened restaurant is a highlight of the Puente Romano dining scene.

    La Suite

    Puente Romano’s vibrant nightlife is epitomized by La Suite, a nightclub where the night is always young. This club offers dedicated table service and electrifying sets from world-renowned DJs.


    For a more immersive experience, Supperclub combines dining with spectacular performances and DJ soundtracks, creating an unforgettable evening.

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