About Realista Quality Properties Marbella

Welcome to Realista’s International Real Estate Agency. We are a well-established company in Spain that specialises in quality properties and offer extensive coverage of the residential, commercial and investment property market, both newly built and resale properties.

Realista represents some of the finest properties, and through our relationships with agents around the world we are able to bring vendors and buyers together in an inspiring and exciting international real estate environment.

Having worked in the greater Marbella area since 1992, our approach to buyers, vendors and colleagues is built on honesty and straightforwardness. With experience and expertise in many aspects of property, Realista knows the importance of clear and transparent communication and makes every effort to provide an outstanding real estate service. We can assist from beginning to end, including obtaining finance, through the legal process, decoration and furnishing, to renting and reselling.

We adopt a no nonsense approach in the treatment of all our clients, no matter what kind of property they seek. Our professional staff are dedicated to making the purchase of a property abroad as simple and efficient as possible.

You can count on us to help finding the finest property, in the right area at the best possible price!

Realista is a professional, independent home finder, specialising in the Costa del Sol, Spain. Realista will find the right property, in the right area, at the best possible price. We limit the number of people we help to ensure the highest level of personal attention to our clients. The company has an extensive network of agents, developers and private owners ensuring that clients save time and money in their property search.

What is Realista’s primary business?

It is a property search company. It finds the right property, in the right area, at the right price for those wishing to buy a home in the Costa del Sol area of Spain.

What advantages does Realista offer?

It saves people time – traditional agents sell property and only showcase what is on their books. To find the right property requires the use of more than one estate agent. Realista, however, provides a gateway to a network of agents and developers identifying the right fit to the customer requirements.

It saves people money – it provides a single channel avoiding the need for costly viewing trips with more than one agent, and Realista’s expertise and knowledge of the market means that customers only pay a fair price for their chosen property.

It addresses the in-balance in the property market by giving the buyer more power.

Realista is not about selling Spanish property – it is about working for people who want to buy a home in the sun. We find out exactly what people want and then use our network of contacts and expertise in the Spanish market to make the right match – often providing clients with essential pre-market information.

Realista does not charge its clients for this service. It is the person or company that is selling the property that gets charged.

How does Realista work?

Realista has a substantial network of agents, developers and private owners. Those wishing to purchase a home contact us to outline and discuss the requirements. Realista then searches for suitable properties from its extensive network of contacts including searching pre-market sources. Properties are then short-listed and presented to the customer. A viewing trip is then arranged with Realista representatives accompanying the customer on every visit to provide advice and listen to feedback. If no suitable property is found, Realista will continue to search and provide update reports until the special combination of location, property and price is met.

Who pays for Realista’s services?

Realista is free to the purchaser. It is the vendor who pays.

How does Realista market its services?

Realista promotes its services using a variety of channels including online, advertising and use of exhibitions.

Who are Realista’s competitors in the market?

There are no real competitors to Realista. Agents and developers are not a threat – they are part of the property search solution.

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