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    In the second in our series, we turn our attention to Sierra Blanca, one of the prime residential areas in Marbella. We take a look at the advantages offered in this district and list the reasons why you might want to buy a property in Sierra Blanca.

    Perfect location

    They say that location, location and location are the three most important considerations when buying a property and you can’t go wrong with Sierra Blanca. Nestled at the northern end of Marbella in the foothills of the Sierra Blanca mountains, you’re within easy reach of everything.

    All the amenities you need sit on your doorstep. International schools, shopping centres, golf courses, and other sports facilities lie within just a few kilometres of Sierra Blanca. Nature fans are in for a real treat because you have some of the most beautiful scenery in Marbella just outside your front door, perfect for a family day out in the countryside, a dog walk or a challenging hike.

    And Sierra Blanca is easy to get to. Just off the A7 highway, this residential development in Marbella has quick access to the town centre, Puerto Banús in the west and both Malaga Airport and Gibraltar Airport.

    Oh, and did we mention that Sierra Blanca faces south, so all properties have the ideal orientation.

    Like we said, a perfect location.

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    Views to die for

    Sierra Blanca enjoys an elevated position above Marbella and with this height come some of the most spectacular views in this part of the Costa del Sol. Panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean, Strait of Gibraltar and Africa beyond are a given in all properties in Sierra Blanca. And when you face north, you find the majestic outline of the eponymous mountains, that signature backdrop that Marbella is so famous for.

    Like we said, views to die for.

    Absolute peace and quiet

    This reason to buy property in Sierra Blanca might come as a surprise given that the residential area is so close to Marbella. But despite being just 4km from the town centre, Sierra Blanca enjoys absolute tranquillity and all year round.

    Many homeowners refer to it as an oasis of peace and quiet, not easy to find on the western Costa del Sol and so close to the centre of a resort. Much of the Sierra Blanca’s serenity comes from its natural surroundings – lush pine woods lie all around you. It’s also an area with a low-build density with gated entrances, both of which are factors that contribute to the all-pervading sense of peacefulness.

    Like we said, absolute peace and quiet.

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    As safe as houses

    Another benefit you’ll find if you decide to buy in Sierra Blanca comes in security. It’s a fully gated development and 24-hour security patrols are on duty. In addition, many streets are resident-access only, adding to your peace of mind as a homeowner.

    Like we said, Sierra Blanca is as safe as houses.

    Immaculate surroundings

    Sierra Blanca consists of around 300 properties that sit on ample plots (the average size is approximiately 2,000 square metres) on wide boulevards. Within the gates, you’ll discover one of the best-maintained developments in Marbella.

    All the streets are immaculate with perfectly tended trees and gardens on either side. Professionals keep the development in top condition all year round, ensuring its exclusivity and giving properties extra appeal.

    Like we said, the surroundings are immaculate.

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    Possibly the best climate

    Marbella is renowned for the best weather on the Costa del Sol. Thanks to the mountain backdrop that protects it from the extremes, this is a resort that’s never too hot or too cold.

    Yet even within Marbella, some microclimates go one step further when it comes to perfect weather conditions. Sierra Blanca is known for one such microclimate and many locals would agree that you’ll find the climatic conditions here as good as they get.

    Like we said, possibly the best climate on the Costa del Sol.

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    Finest quality homes

    Our last reason to buy property in Sierra Blanca turns to real estate proper. And in this department, Sierra Blanca excels. You’ll find some of the finest homes on the western Costa del Sol, offering a harmonious mix of architectural styles from traditional Andalusian to contemporary modern.

    The best location, views and weather in Marbella do, of course, come with a price and Sierra Blanca real estate ranks among the most expensive in the area. Homes start at around €2.5 million with the most expensive costing up to €40 million, although the average is nearer €5 million.

    Most properties are villas, although Sierra Blanca also has two apartment complexes plus one townhouse development. If you want to start from scratch, there are still a few available plots of land in Sierra Blanca.  

    Like we said, the finest quality homes.

    And now to buy property in Sierra Blanca

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