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    Marbella is all about quality lifestyle – perfect weather, stunning scenery and exceptional homes. But quality also means peace of mind, knowing that your property is secure and protected. One of the best ways to keep your property safe and sound is to buy on one of the many Marbella gated communities.

    Most developments in Marbella, new and established, form part of gated communities. This arrangement offers some of the best security for your home, so it makes sense to buy a property on one of them. As one of our clients who bought on a Marbella gated community said, “it feels nice and secure, which is why we came here. It must be one of the safest places in Europe”.

    So, what makes a gated community so safe? Several elements come together to provide a secure environment and form part of the communal facilities. They include the following:

    Perimeter boundary and gated entry

    Gated communities in Marbella are, by definition, securely enclosed with a high perimeter barrier, for example, a fence, wall or hedge. Entry to the complex is via one or two gates only. Many communities have a manned security point at the gate, providing an extra safety measure.

    To enter, you need a key card or code. And in most cases, you need to show your identity to the guard meaning that digital and physical identification are necessary to get in.

    Did you know? Gated communities are common in Marbella, particularly in sought-after residential areas such as the Golden Mile, Nueva Andalucia and La Zagaleta.

    Entry control

    The entrance to gated communities in Marbella is strictly controlled for pedestrians, bicycles and cars. In some, registered residents need to accompany their visitors and show photographic ID. In others, residents need to provide the security guard with a detailed description of their visitor so that the guard lets them in.

    24-hour armed security

    Quality gated communities hire round-the-clock security services. Personnel are trained and usually carry guns with them at all times. Surveillance includes a permanent presence on the entrance gate plus regular patrols of the community grounds and buildings to check for unusual activity.

    Did you know? Properties in gated communities in Marbella can be apartments, penthouses, townhouses and villas. Find your gated property in Marbella.


    Hand-in-hand with controlled entry gates and 24-hour surveillance go CCTV cameras. Most gated communities have several set up around the perimeter and within the complex itself. Guards watch the live footage around the clock and constantly monitor what’s going on.

    Car and dog patrol

    In larger Marbella gated communities, security guards often patrol in cars. This allows them to cover larger distances and reach problem spots quickly and easily.

    Guards may also use dogs as an additional security measure. Trained sniffer dogs add an extra tool for sniffing out intruders and burglars.

    Security for you

    The presence of 24-hour security not only gives you peace of mind; it also allows you to contact reliable guards at any time. If you spot any unusual activity or have an incident in your home, all you need to do is contact the guards. And because they are on-site, they can offer assistance almost immediately.


    Like the extra peace of mind that goes with Marbella gated communities? See what’s currently for sale in Marbella.

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