Security in Marbella: Gated Communities Ranking Top

Marbella is all about living the good life. Good food, good parties, good homes. But with so many exclusive properties around, it’s necessary to keep safety in mind as well. Thankfully, there’s a whole range of security measures to keep your property safe and sound. One of the best places to be in Marbella? Gated communities. They regularly have homes for sale in all price classes, and offer some of the best security for properties. As one resident of a Marbella gated community has said, “It is a very nice, secure place. That’s why we came here. It’s probably one of the safest places in Europe.”* So what is it that makes these communities so safe? Let’s sum it up for you:

1. Gated entry. In order to enter the community as a resident, you need to pass a locked gate which is watched by guards. Often this happens by means of a key card and manual identification, so if someone were to steal your card they could not just use it to get in. Closed barbed wire perimeter fences and walls close off the entire community, so it is extremely hard to get in anywhere else but through the gates.

2. Entrance control. Entrances to the community are strictly controlled for pedestrians, bicycles, and cars. In order for a stranger to get in, he or she needs to be escorted by a registered resident with photographic identification. Another option is that a resident of the gated community gives specific permission to the security guards at the gate, giving a detailed description of the person who will be entering.

3. 24-hour armed security personnel. The security guards manning the entrances are commonly privately hired. They have received quality training and usually carry arms with them at all times. As if this isn´t enough, they arbitrarily do patrols of the area to keep an extra eye out for unusual sightings.

4. CCTV. From various security points, guards constantly keep an eye on screens displaying live feed from dozens of security cameras. The larger the community, the more cameras and security points. This way, you can be sure no spot is left unwatched.

5. Dog patrol. It´s obvious by now that everything is watched. But nothing is left to coincidence when it comes to security in a Marbella gated community. So to have an extra set of senses, security guards take trained guard dogs with them on their patrols. This way, any unseen burglars and other unwanted people are sniffed out and removed.

Well, there you have it. Security is pretty tight in Marbella’s gated communities. If you’re looking for a safe, quality home in Marbella, feel free to have a browse in our selection of properties in gated communities.


Do you have any experience with security in Marbella? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!


* Source: YouTube: Europe’s Rich & Famous The Luxurious Life of Marbella Spain- Rich Lifestyle – Piers Morgan.

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