7 Great Reasons to buy a Home in Marbella

7 Great Reasons to buy a Home in Marbella

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    Why buy a second home in Marbella?

    If you’re looking for the best place to buy a second home on the Costa del Sol, the answer can never be straightforward. It all depends on your personal situation and preferences. However, if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’d like to recommend you buy a second home in Marbella. We’re going to be honest with you: we’re a little bit biased. We’ve been selling homes in and around Marbella for some years now, and we love the landscape, the international allure, the gentle Mediterranean climate… Everything.

    And from what we hear, all our clients have fallen in love, too. And with good reason. So, if you have a minute, let us convince you why you should consider buying a second home in Marbella.

    1. Spanish weather, only better

    Spain is a popular holiday destination because of the lovely warm weather in summer. So, Marbella’s not that special in that respect, right? Wrong!

    Located on the very southern end of Spain, it faces North Africa and enjoys the very best of the Mediterranean climate.

    The weather is temperate, which means it’s never too cold in winter or extremely hot in summer. But don’t worry because the average temperature in summer still ranges between 25 and 30 °C.

    If you’re buying a second home in Spain to bask in the sun, this is your kind of town. It’s famous for its long sunshine hours – some of the highest in Europe – and enjoys its own microclimate climate: The high peaks of the surrounding Sierra Blanca mountain range protect the town from extreme weather, making the climate milder than neighbouring places. In fact, we think Marbella has the best weather on the Costa del Sol.

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    2. Andalusian Beauty

    Marbella combines the best of many worlds – not only is it a very cosmopolitan town, it is surrounded by natural beauty. The beaches first and foremost are the white, sandy type of coast where you’ll love to sunbathe during the day and stroll in the evening.

    But there’s also the majestic Sierra Blanca link to Sierra Blanca area guide, whose valleys are home to many amazingly located villas. Buying a second home in Marbella here guarantees far-reaching views of the hills, the Mediterranean and even North Africa.

    Imagine waking up to a view like that from your bedroom!

    3. You can pick your location

    Whether you’re looking for a secluded villa in the mountain valleys or a luxury home in the middle of the bustling town, there are all types of luxury villas in various settings available in and around Marbella.

    If you’re a golf lover, many golf resorts give you the chance to be right up close to the action with a frontline golf villa in Marbella. More a sunbathing type? We have an amazing choice of luxury penthouses available right next to the beach.

    The world is really your oyster when it comes to choosing your second home in Marbella.

    4. It’s like home – but more special

    Marbella is an international hotspot for all sorts of people from countries around the world. Some flock to the beautiful town each year for holidays, others have made Marbella their permanent home. This international mix means there are stores and brands where you can buy familiar products from home so you won’t miss them.

    But the cosmopolitan atmosphere doesn’t mean that Marbella has lost its Spanish identity. The town is very Andalusian, allowing you to enjoy the finest traditional food and experience local festivities and fiestas, for example.

    And last but not least, such a large international group also means there’s a huge number of facilities, ranging from supermarkets and medical services to restaurants and clubs.

    5. It’s easy to travel around

    If you need good connections, Marbella is one of the best places to buy a second home in Spain. It may be ‘just’ a town, but it lies in a very accessible location on the Costa del Sol with excellent travel connections.

    The excellent road network gets you anywhere quickly by car, including Malaga Airport just 25 minutes away. All this without feeling like a town overrun by traffic.

    6. A good investment

    Buying a luxury villa in Marbella makes good investment sense. Because of the many high-quality properties available, Marbella’s property market is more resistant to the economic crisis than others. Interested buyers come from all over the globe, especially non-EU citizens who qualify for the ‘Golden Visa’ allowing them to become Spanish residents.

    This means that if you want to sell your second home in Marbella later on, there’s likely to be a large pool of prospective buyers for your property.

    7. Quality of the villas

    And finally, in our list of reasons why you should buy a second home in Marbella, we come to the properties themselves.

    When you’re deciding where to buy a second home, the selection of homes is as important as the environment itself. In Marbella and the surrounding area, there’s a huge range of beautiful luxury homes.

    Our clients are often pleasantly surprised by the high quality of both the interior and exterior of the houses. Quality brand appliances, air-con, well-kept communal facilities for apartments, stylish architecture and other features are commonplace. And it’s no surprise, because Marbella attracts many well-to-do foreigners who are buying a second home in Spain, so homes are built and designed accordingly.

    But don’t take our word for it – browse through the current properties for sale in Marbella and see for yourself. Then get in touch and allow us to help you buy a second home in Marbella.