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If you’re looking for a larger property or the privacy that comes with a detached home, the answer may be to look at villas in Estepona. The resort has a good choice with many homes boasting prime locations and plenty of land. A villa also makes a good investment if you’re thinking about purchasing property for sale in Estepona for holiday lets.

This guide offers some insight into the market for Estepona villas, the types of properties available and their location. We also take a look at the advantages of buying new or older villas in the resort and what you can expect in the way of communal or private facilities.

Why buy a villa in Estepona?

Villas offer more spacious accommodation than apartments, an important consideration if you’re planning to use the property for your own holidays or want to let to larger groups. Detached property in Estepona also gives you more privacy and the opportunity to own a private pool and gardens.

In addition, this type of property offers excellent investment potential. The resort has year-round appeal and a growing number of tourists are drawn to the many attractions. Estepona is home to some of the best beaches at the west end of the Costa del Sol and key attractions such as Selwo Estepona. In addition, the New Golden Mile has considerable standing as a luxury location – Puro Beach Club and the Kempenski Hotel are located here, for example. All these factors combine to add to the potential for capital growth and holiday rental returns.

We have a world of villas in Estepona for sale on our listings. Discover them and choose yours.

What kind of Estepona villas are available?

You’ll find a wide range of Estepona villas for sale from relatively small homes to large, almost palatial properties. Size is perhaps the biggest defining feature, both for floor space and plot size. Large villas in Estepona tend to come with considerable land, particularly those in more rural areas. This allows plenty of outdoor space as well as a pool.

Architecture is another differential and like next-door Marbella, Estepona runs to a wide range of villa designs. In more established areas such as El Paraiso and Benamara, you’ll find homes in a typical Spanish style with pan-tiled roofs, wrought-iron grills and stucco façades. Villas in this kind of architecture has a classic appeal.

At the other end of the scale are modern villas in Estepona with sleek lines, glass and chrome features and flat roofs. They tend to be located in new developments or on the remaining plots in more established residential areas.

Where are villas located?

With over 21km of coastline and a sizeable tract of countryside inland, Estepona has plenty of scope for location when it comes to villas. You’ll find villas in Estepona on the beach, in the mountains, next to golf courses (often with frontline green positions) and with a more urban location.

Much new construction has taken place in the west of Estepona where you’ll also find well-established complexes with smaller villas. To the east, the New Golden Mile tends to showcase apartments, but villa properties are also available, some of which boast the best beachfront locations on the Costa del Sol.

Slightly inland in the popular residential areas of Cancelada, El Paraiso and Atalaya, villas are commonplace and often the most common type of property. This part of Estepona has several good golf courses that include villas.

Not sure where to buy Estepona property for sale? Take a look at our Estepona Property Guide for all the information you need.

Can I buy a new villa in Estepona?

While new construction tends to focus more on apartments, there is a good choice of new villas for sale in Estepona. These tend to be part of larger developments that include mixed property types and come with a modern architectural style. You will also find new villas in Estepona within established residential areas, recently completed or under construction on the remaining vacant plots.

Is it better to buy a new or refurbished villa?

New villas in Estepona make a good choice if you want a move-in ready property (for your own use or for immediate rental potential). Buying new also makes sense if you’re looking for high-end fittings and finishes. On the other hand, new build properties in Estepona tend to come with a bigger price tag.

Older villas, in contrast, rank as some of the cheapest in this part of the Costa del Sol, particularly in the more established residential areas. However, they often require refurbishment work that may cost considerably more than the equivalent for a new villa. Another advantage to buying an older property that needs work is that you can create the house you want and to your specifications.

Use our detailed search page to check out our selection of villas in Estepona.

Do villas for sale in Estepona come with communal facilities?

With the exception of some smaller villas situated on purpose-built complexes in Atalaya and El Paraiso, you won’t generally find villas with communal facilities. This means you have the chance to look at villas in Estepona with private pool and gardens, affording you and your family extra privacy as well as more space.

How much do Estepona villas for sale cost?

Older properties in established residential areas tend to have the lowest prices. For example, villas needing refurbishment are available from €500,000, but don’t forget to factor in the cost of the work. New builds come at much higher prices and there are Estepona luxury villas with price tags that go up to €14 million.

Which villas in Estepona are best for investment?

Given the year-round appeal of the resort and its good transport connections, Estepona offers excellent investment potential across the board in its property market. Villas tend to maintain their value even at the lower end of a property cycle and has seen consistent capital growth. As a result, we’d say that all Estepona villas make good investment!

Can I buy a villa in Estepona as a holiday let?

If you’re looking to make a return on your investment while still being able to enjoy the property for your use, buying a villa for holiday lets makes sense. Larger properties appeal to families who make up one of the most significant sectors in local tourism.

To let a villa you need a licence from the regional authorities, a reasonably straight forward process. You also need to comply with certain requirements for minimum space and fittings, although by definition, villas usually meet these.

To find out more about the best villas in Estepona please contact us. We would love to hear from you and will happily help with all (search) questions!

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