The glamorous story of the Marbella Club Hotel

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    About the hotel that shaped the history of Marbella

    marbella club hotel terraza image via marbellaclub comThere are many state-of-the-art hotels in Marbella, one more luxurious than the other. But none of them can pride itself on such a rich history as the Marbella Club Hotel. Not only is it one of the best hotels in Marbella; over the last 60 years it helped shape the history of Marbella. Today, many residents of this jet-set town happily make use of the excellent spa and restaurants at the renowned hotel. The secret? Over half a century of experience in pampering the rich and famous.

    Royal Roots

    The history of Marbella wouldn’t be as it is today if it wasn’t for the whims of an aristocrat. Ricardo Soriano, an eccentric marquis and something of a romantic, fell in love with the idea of a place in the sun when someone told him about the Marbella area. Without even visiting it, he bought a finca there. He enthused his cousin, Prince Maximilian, to personally experience the beauty of Mediterranean living in 1946. A year later, his son prince Alfonso arrived to buy a holiday retreat for the family.

    A Playground for the Rich

    But Alfonso had much more in store for the place than just a family retreat. Inspired by motels he had visited on his travels in the USA and encouraged by the enthusiasm of visiting relatives and friends, the entrepreneurial prince transformed the finca into a hotel. Marbella Club opened its doors in 1954 with twenty bedrooms, a dining room and a bar located in the central part of the old farmhouse. In 1957 Alfonso hired his cousin, the experienced Count Rudi, as an Assistant Manager to help turn the Marbella Club Hotel into a true playground for the rich. Under his guidance, the hotel saw visitors from all layers of European royalty and aristocracy, as well as a number of international celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. With the coming of Puerto Banús in 1970, the establishment of Marbella as a jet set town was complete: Puerto Banús was the place to be and the Marbella Club was the place to stay.

    The Luxury Continues

    Today, the Marbella Club Hotel has matured into a resort of world renown. Its relaxed spirit combined with the highest class standards still makes it popular amongst the worlds rich and famous. Local residents know how to find their way to the golf and tennis courts for an excellent game. Simultaneously, the superb sports facilities host many tournaments and competitions, including the Spanish Show Jumping Championships. The hotel spa and restaurants are also in favour with many local expats. In short, the Marbella Club Hotel still lives up to its name as the perfect Mediterranean getaway.

    The Marbella Club Hotel is just one of the great stories that make up the impressive history of Marbella. As a high quality search agent with a focus on quality property in Marbella and surroundings, Realista is keen to offer her clients a glimpse of what living in Marbella is like. We regularly post about news from Marbella, as well as lifestyle and luxury properties in Marbella. Check back to this blog often to stay up to date!

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