Retiring in Marbella

Retiring in Marbella

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    Enjoying your hard-earned pension in sunny Marbella

    Retiring in Marbella is a long-held dream for many people. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days in the sun, enjoying sandy beaches, healthy food and activities – and usually all that for a lower price than in the UK, too. There’s a plethora of luxury retirement homes for sale that could make your dream pension in Marbella a reality. Not convinced? Here are a few things to think about:

    luxury retirement homes for sale spainState pension in Marbella

    Practical and good to know: The UK basic state pension is payable in Spain. It doesn’t matter whether you currently live in Spain or not, whether you’ve worked there or not and whether you’re already claiming your UK state pension or not. These factors do however decide which organization to contact (English or Spanish), how much you receive, when you receive it, etc. Buy in most cases, you can enjoy your hard-earned state pension in Marbella without a problem. You can read more about it on this UK government website.

    Settling in is easy

    Many people buy their luxury retirement homes in Marbella prior to their actual retirement, and use it as a holiday home before making the big move. But even if you already know the area a bit, it can seem daunting to settle in a foreign town permanently or for a large part of the year. The extensive community of UK expats in Marbella really helps new pensioners feel at home in this regard. Especially in the first couple of months, it’s helpful that there are literally hundreds of English (speaking) associations and businesses that offer you a home away from home. Many of these are also tailored specifically to retired people, so there will be plenty of appealing activities and support.

    Staying healthy

    Many people retiring in Marbella testify that living on the Costa del Sol is helping them live a healthier life. Of course, the Costa del Sol offers good healthcare, wellness and sports facilities. But according to the WHO, the climate and Mediterranean diet also contribute in making it one of healthiest places in the world to live. It’s not that hard to imagine that going for a swim or a walk is a lot easier when it’s nice and sunny. But the dry air for example is also a beneficial factor for certain medical conditions. And yummy healthy Mediterranean cuisine, well… That’s good for both the body and the mind.

    Feel good factor

    Of course, all of these things come together in Marbella’s relaxing lifestyle. Plenty of sun hours and pleasant temperatures all year round mean you feel better, do more and enjoy life more in general. Because of the weather, an active outdoor lifestyle is much more commonplace in Marbella than it is in the UK. Dining outside, going for a stroll past the beach or hitting the greens is much easier and more enjoyable. With such a comfortable and fulfilling life in mind, retiring in Marbella becomes an option worth considering.

    Finding retirement homes for sale

    Are you considering enjoying your pension in Marbella? If you want to know what’s on the market, feel free to browse our current Marbella property for luxury retirement homes for sale. Whether you’d like to live in urbanization, near the beach or in the mountains, we have various beautiful homes available. And if you have any questions about a property, feel free to get in touch with Realista via phone or email!