Marbella Beaches & Dunes in Tip-Top Shape for Holidays

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    Things already started rolling with the news that all ports in Marbella would get a good spring-cleaning. The high quality sand extracted from these dredging activities was destined for a number of Marbella beaches and other beaches in the area. Now, even more work has been put into making sure the dunes and beaches in Marbella are in tip-top shape for the holiday season.

    Marbella beaches

    marbella beaches

    Improvement of the Marbella beaches is part of a larger government project to renovate Malaga’s coastline in time for the holidays. Apart from Marbella, the beaches of La Cala de Mijas, Mezquitilla and Algarrobo-Costa are given particular attention. The most urgent work had already been completed in time for Semana Santa, the week full of traditional festivities leading up to Easter. However, the general condition of the beaches is so good that the rest of the renovation could wait until now, after the Easter Holidays.

    Activities to be carried out include removing rocks and stones so the various beaches in Marbella and the surrounding area are ready to receive the sand dredged from Puerto Banús, amongst other harbours. A bit further up in La Cala de Mijas, the beaches will be equalized without the help of external resources. In this case, sand will be transferred from parts with excessive amounts to those that lack it the most. In other parts of the area, sand from riverbeds will be reused. Large rocks and stones that are collected during the filtering process will end up being used to reinforce breakwaters, efficiently using as many of the processed materials as much as possible.

    Dunas de artola o cabopino

    On the eastern side of Marbella, the Dunas de Artola o Cabopino form a natural barrier between sea and land. These dunes are due for restoration as well, doing justice to one of Marbella’s most beautiful protected natural environments. It took a while, as the scheme was approved about 15 years ago by the central government. But now a specialist company will open up the Dunas de Artola o Cabopino and the accompanying beach to the public in a way that will respect and protect the biosphere.

    In a project that will take eight months, land which is crucial for the survival of the dunes will be expropriated; a barrier to prevent vehicle access will be installed and a wooden boardwalk that will give access to the beach without damaging the environment will be constructed. But it’s not just protection that the scheme is aiming for. The flora will be giving a boost as well, as native plants species are reintroduced and invasive ones are removed.

    Good news for Marbella

    The restoration and renovation of the Marbella beaches and dunes is good news for the town, which prides itself on its beautiful beach areas. Residents get to fully enjoy the coast, from the first warm days before tourist season hits to mid-summer when the town truly comes to live. It’s one of the reasons why owning a summer holiday home in Marbella is so popular. Are you thinking of buying one? Why not have a browse through the current properties for sale in Marbella and get inspired!

    Cover image by Olaf Tausch via Wikimedia Commons