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    It’s already a well-known fact for the luxury property owners in Marbella that the greater region is one of the most beautiful in Spain, with plenty of scenic landscape and warm weather to make anyone’s beach holiday a big success. However, a recent survey conducted amongst British people has shown that Marbella is now officially the number one luxurious holiday destination of 2013, beating other renowned places such as Ibiza and St. Tropez! (SUR, 2013)

    The all-time high in popularity is probably due to a number of celebrities spotted visiting Marbella and buying real estate in both the city and its vicinity. It’s easy to understand why the rich and famous would want to settle here, with not just the attractive surroundings but also many a gorgeous luxury property available that would satisfy even the most demanding home owners. Unsurprisingly, Noami Campbell as well as Claudia Schiffer and David Beckham are just some of the many celebrities seen enjoying Marbella on a temporary or long term basis.

    And who can blame them? Once a sleepy fishermen’s village nestled in between the foothills of the Sierra Blanca and the Mediterranean sea, Marbella’s beautiful natural surroundings and pleasant climate have attracted glamorous people from the very start. There is a long history of Marbella hosting the rich and famous, starting in the 50s with German royalty entertaining their friends such as the iconic moviestars Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Due to this and other interest from luxury estate investors, there is now a plethora of exquisite properties in and around Marbella that allow people to optimally enjoy their stay in the area. Whether it’s a luxury property in Marbella itself or an estate out in the countryside, the stunning views and many hours of sun per year provide that ideal getaway, giving many prosperous people relief from their often-too-busy lifestyles.

    As mentioned in one of our previous news items, obtaining a new luxury property in Marbella has been made especially easy for foreigners wishing to move to this beautiful area. If you are interested in investing more than 500,000 Euros in real estate, the Spanish government will allow you to stay in Spain indefinitely – something which could be of great interest to thriving residents from countries outside of the EU. So really, the climate (both financial and meteorological) is as good as ever to have a browse for luxury property in Marbella. And who knows, your perfect (holiday) home might be waiting for you to join the celebrities living in beautiful Marbella!