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    Everyone loves Christmas. It is a holiday to spend time together as families, giving away gifts and enjoying the good things in life. It is a celebration that really lights up the dark winter season and turns it into something to look forward to every year. Naturally, each time we do our very best to make Christmas special. We get the best food, buy the nicest presents and make sure to invite everyone round. But there is a way to make it even more special.celebrating christmas in spain

    For many, Christmas celebrations have probably always been at home. But have you have ever thought about celebrating Christmas in Spain? It is a country that has an elaborate Christmas tradition which is amazing to experience. Imagine taking your family to see all the traditional dances, markets and other festivities during your holiday stay, serving them Christmas dinner in your own luxurious Spanish home near the sea. It doesn’t get more special than that!

    Celebrating Christmas in Spain is definitely something you have to experience. There are all the traditional things that you treasure, like giving gifts, Christmas trees and family dinners. But in Spain, Christmas is much more than shopping for gifts and two days of celebration. There is an official Christmas period, referred to as “Navidad”, which lasts from Christmas Eve (“Noche Buena” or “the Good Night”) until Epiphany on the 6 January. This period involves many traditional festivities, including an opportunity for the children to put their shoes on the window sill to receive gifts from ‘the Three Kings’ and a huge parade that welcomes these figures into the cities.

    christmas in spain tealightsAs you can tell, there is much family-friendly culture to be experienced, all of it in the spirit of Christmas. And if that isn’t enough, the weather can be much more inviting as well. If you’re tired of freezing temperatures but no snow, Spain is a great alternative for slightly warmer weather. Especially in the south of Spain things can be a lot more agreeable. The weather in Marbella, Spain in December for example, has an average temperature of 12°C with 6 hours of sunshine per day this year. The nights are still long of course, so you can light the candles of your home for that characteristic Christmas atmosphere. But during the day you’re greeted by a bit more sun and a bit less rain than any dreary English Christmas might give you.

    So, are you warming up to the idea of celebrating Christmas in Spain? Why not give yourself a present this year – the promise of a new holiday home. One where you can spend quality time with your friends and family during the holiday seasons. One where you can truly relax and take time for the things that matter. One that allows you to enjoy the good things in life.

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