5 pros of living on a golf course

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    Have you ever wondered what living on a golf course on the Costa del Sol is like? In Marbella, golf course living offers a fine home and relaxed lifestyle for those that appreciate the sport. Combined with the ideal weather which the greater region of Marbella is famous for, it’s a general win-win situation. Let us show you the top 5 benefits of buying golf course homes near Marbella.

    1.      Tee off whenever you want!

    This is the most obvious and popular reason for golf course living. The golf course is never far away, so all you have to do is pack up your bags and hit the greens. Many luxury golf resorts also offer additional perks to golf playing residents, which means making it your new home is even more appealing.

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    2.      Safety above everything

    Golf resorts often have their own security team and system, so you can rest assured that your property is well looked after. Gates, surveillance cameras and trained guards, amongst other things, ensure that no unwanted people enter the grounds. Apart from that, buying golf course homes in a luxury resort often means the golf players making use of the greens are a good crowd. That’s also nice to know when you head out to play a bit of golf yourself.

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    3.      Beautiful views

    Another very popular reason for buying golf course homes is the view. Especially around Marbella, apartments and villas are often built on hills which means you have a great view all around. Not only the well-designed golf courses, but also the many gardens, pools, streams and occasionally a little lake are very pleasing to the eye. It’s that bit of extra scenery when you dine outside which really makes golf course living such a treat.

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    4.      It’s your choice

    There is actually a surprising amount of variation in the types of golf course homes for sale. You can buy an apartment which lies a little bit away from the greens for some more privacy, or you can buy an alone-standing villa right next to the tee if you want to be on top of things. Some have communal facilities such as a pool, others have private ones. Basically, there’s a property for every taste and for every budget.

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    5.      Not just for Golf

    Although this may seem the complete opposite of no. 1, another benefit of living on a golf course is the fact it would also be nice without the golf part. Families with children are also attracted to the residential neighbourhoods in golf resorts for their safety, beauty and quality. And with all these things in mind, golf course homes are also an excellent investment. Especially around jet set Marbella, your property will still be worth a good amount of money should you decide to move out of the house. And that’s always a nice thought for the future.

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    Do these benefits of golf course living look good to you? Have a browse in our database of high quality golf course homes and see if you can score the right place for you.