2015 Marks Fifth Anniversary for Marbella 4 Days Walking

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marbella 4 days walking 2015 shoesLast but not least among the Marbella events of 2015Local and green

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    By now, Marbella 4 days Walking has become a familiar event for everyone in the sunny town. This year marks its fifth anniversary. From 8 to 11 October, young and old can once again discover Marbella’s beauty while walking a 20 or 30 km route. It leads through the lesser-known hills and mountains and more famous beaches and old streets in the city centre. Tickets for this special edition are limited and selling fast – did you managed to get one yet?

    marbella 4 days walking 2015 shoesLast but not least among the Marbella events of 2015

    Taking place in October, Marbella 4 days Walking seems a bit on the late side. With most of the Marbella events in 2015 (like the Starlite Festival) scheduled around the busy summer season, you might expect a smaller audience for this event. But nothing could be less true. October still offers great weather conditions for walking, and the event is extremely popular despite being relatively young. If you’re looking for things to do in Marbella in October, this is the perfect activity.

    This year the event takes place on 8, 9, 10 and 11 October. As usual, hikers can choose between a route of 20 or 30 kilometers. Don’t have enough time or energy for the full four days? Don’t worry, it’s also possible to participate for three days or less. Children are also catered for: last year saw the birth of the Marbella 2 Days Walking Kids. With a shorter route of 6 kilometers on 10 and 11 October, they also get to experience the fun of Marbella 4 Days Walking 2015.

    It is recommended to put in a bit of training before taking on this Spanish walking event. Although the weather is usually very agreeable, the routes, which highlight all the beautiful spots in Marbella, partially lead across the beach and through the mountains. Sturdy walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and something to eat and drink are therefore no luxury during the walk. This will keep your head cool and your energy up during walking.

    Local and green

    Marbella 4 days Walking was created to provide local employment and to lend charities a helping hand, amongst others. Whenever it’s possible, the organisation works with local businesses, meaning less CO2 production when goods are transported. In fact, the event is CO2 neutral. This is achieved by working with the local Arboretum Marbella. They will plant enough trees in the municipality of Marbella to compensate for the greenhouse gases generated by the event. These native trees contribute to the preservation of local nature and are also used to educate schoolchildren. A win-win situation overall!

    Marbella 4 days Walking 2015 is just one of the many fantastic Marbella events in 2015. Earlier we reported on Ronda Romantíca and the Starlite Festival. As a high quality search agent with a focus on quality property in Marbella and surroundings, Realista is keen to offer her clients a glimpse of what living in Marbella is like. We regularly post about news from Marbella, as well as lifestyle and luxury properties in Marbella. Check back to this blog often to stay up to date!

    For registration and more information about Marbella 4 days Walking 2015, have a look at www.marbella4dayswalking.com.