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Marbella apartments rank as one of the most popular types of property in Marbella. They offer great locations, excellent value for money and good investment potential. The range of style, construction and size means there’s something for everyone almost everywhere in the resort. Read on to discover our FAQs answering all your questions about Marbella apartments for sale.

Why buy apartments in Marbella?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to look at apartments for sale Marbella. As southern Spain’s prime luxury resort, Marbella offers an excellent choice of quality apartments in many different areas.

Whether you’re looking for luxury apartments or one needed a total refurb, they all have proven potential as investments and/or holiday homes. Your purchase comes with guaranteed return on your own enjoyment or as a holiday let or long-term rental.

Marbella has one of the most buoyant markets for property in Spain at the moment. Demand remains high, both from international and Spanish buyers and as a result, apartments in Marbella rank among the fastest selling in the country. In addition, the resort’s established reputation as a top holiday destination means that apartments in the area will continue to be sought-after in the short and medium-term.

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What kind of Marbella apartments are available?

This type of property ranks as the most popular in the resort so you’ll find a wide variety almost everywhere. Many older apartments date back to the 1960s and 1970s. These tend to be situated in low to high-rise blocks in the centre of the resort. Newer properties, built since 1980, are located from east to west Marbella in blocks or on purpose-built complexes, often with communal amenities.

Size varies hugely from studio apartments to large penthouse suites with at least 4 bedrooms. Outside space may be non-existent or run to giant terraces, almost as large as the apartment itself. Quality too varies, although refurbished and new apartments in Marbella offer high-end finishes. Many come with the latest in domotics and high-tech fittings.

What kind of apartment you choose to buy will ultimately depend on your budget and the amenities you’re looking for.  If you’d like to get an idea of the kinds of apartments in Marbella for sale, take a look at our handpicked selection.

Where are apartments located in Marbella?

You’ll find apartments for sale in Marbella in all areas. From Marbella East, popular for golf courses and family-friendly beaches to San Pedro in the west, one of the most up-and-coming parts of the resort, apartments are on the market.

If you’re looking for port-side properties, take a look at apartments in Marbella Puerto Banús, the resort’s high-end marina. Choose a frontline apartment in the traditionally styled Andalusian complexes next to the yachts and powerboats or a newer property set back from the waterfront.

Many golf courses in Marbella come with apartments – frontline properties are available and often include complimentary or reduced green fees in the purchase. The courses in Marbella East have some of the best choice – Santa Clara Golf is a good example of new apartments for sale in Marbella.

You can also choose an urban location – Marbella Old Town apartments combine city-centre access with traditional charm – or a more rural setting. The properties with some of the best views are those located in the foothills of the mountains – in La Mairena, for example.

For the ultimate in luxury, apartments for sale in Marbella Golden Mile tick all the boxes. Beachside properties attract a premium and are the most highly sought-after, particularly those near Marbella’s iconic hotels, Puente Romano and Marbella Club.  Other popular locations for luxury apartments in Marbella include Coral Beach and Aloha Gardens.

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Can I buy new Marbella apartments for sale?

Yes, although residential construction in Marbella isn’t quite as busy as neighbouring Estepona and Mijas, there’s still plenty of new building taking place. Locations and type of property vary. Two examples include Aqua Apartments Marbella in San Pedro, Royal Banús in Puerto Banus and Oakhill in East Marbella.

Is it better to buy a new apartment or one to refurbish?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this one since both options have their pros and cons. If you choose new apartments for sale in Marbella, you have the guarantee of new construction, quality finishes and a property that’s ready to move into. You may however find prices slightly higher reflecting the level of construction.

An apartment that needs refurbishment work means you can model the property to your tastes and requirements as well as (usually) pay a lower price than for a new apartment. But refurbishment costs can escalate and work takes time.

Do apartments in Marbella Spain come with communal facilities?

Those in blocks in the centre of the resort including Marbella Old Town tend not to have any communal amenities. However, if you choose an apartment within a residential complex, you’ll probably have access to a pool and gardens and possibly sports facilities such as a tennis court.

How much do apartments in Marbella cost?

Prices vary hugely depending on the location and size of the apartment. Expect to pay from €200,000 for a small property – apartments in East Marbella tend to be cheaper than elsewhere in the resort. High-end properties, particularly Marbella Golden Mile apartments can cost over €1 million with even higher price tags not uncommon. As a general rule, apartments near Marbella tend to be more expensive than those further away from the centre.

Which type of Marbella apartments are best for investment?

Practically all apartments in the resort offer good investment potential. If you plan to buy a property for your own use, you’ll benefit from capital appreciation in the medium term when you come to sell. If you intend to let the apartment – either for holiday lets or long-term rentals – investment potential lies in the return. Both rental markets are buoyant and offer good returns.

As with all property purchases, take time to choose your location and type of property and contact us for professional advice on apartments in Marbella with the best potential.

Can I buy an apartment in Marbella as a holiday let?

The resort has plenty of potential for holiday rentals since there’s high demand and good returns. Under Spanish legislation, you have to register your apartment in Marbella for holiday lets with the Andalusian authorities. You also need to fulfill a number of conditions on space, fittings and safety features, although applying to let your property is a straight-forward process.

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