What kind of house in Marbella would you choose?

If you’ve ever been to the greater region of Marbella or have heard about it, then it’s hard to deny it’s an amazing place to live. There are numerous beautiful properties for sale, each with their own benefits and unique characteristics. “So what kind of house should I buy then?” you might wonder. Let us paint you a picture of the different home types, and we’ll let you be the judge.

A grand villa in the hills

Are you looking for a home to completely unwind, away from the business of life?
We know the perfect hideaway. There are many astonishing villas located in peaceful surroundings, with plenty of space between you and the next home. Enjoy the spectacular views of the hills, mountains and the sea from the privacy of your own terrace. A villa near Marbella or the surrounding cities is remote enough to be tranquil, but close enough to be able to use all of the modern convenience that a city offers. Perfect for getting away from it all.

A modern townhouse

Do you always like to know what’s going on? If you love being busy and the hustle and bustle of a town centre is like music to your ears, then a modern townhouse is something for you. You can walk from your house in Marbella to the best restaurants, shops and cinemas. All convenient amenities are only minutes away. Party every weekend and relax on the beach every day. Being right in the middle of everything, you’ll never be bored.

A golf resort apartment

Do you like to hit the golf course in the morning and enjoy fine dining in the evening? With an apartment in one of the many excellent golf resorts around Marbella, a good time is never far away. These apartments are made for comfort, with spacious kitchens, elaborate bathrooms and sunny terraces. Don’t feel like cooking? There’s always a hotel with a good restaurant nearby. A house in one of Marbella’s golf resorts makes you feel like you’re always on holiday in your own home.

A sea view penthouse

Can’t get enough of the beach? Buy a penthouse with sea view to enjoy the smell of the sea every day. If you feel like a swim or some sunbathing, all you have to do is walk out your door and you’ll be at the beach within minutes. On top of that, penthouses offer the ultimate privacy because you’re literally on top of everyone else. Stylish, magnificent homes with patios full of shade and sea breeze to cool you down. You’ll never want to leave.

A land to call your own

Have you envisioned exactly how your dream house should be laid out? Then you should start out from scratch and be your own architect. There are several beautiful plots of land available for the construction of villas in Marbella. You will be able to design your very own house in Marbella, on a plot of land you picked out. Near the sea, on a hill, in a resort… It’s all up to you to decide.

So, what kind of house would you go for in Marbella?

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