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Your Guide To Land For Sale On The Costa Del Sol

Property on the Costa del Sol comes in all shapes and sizes – from luxury apartments in Estepona to villas in Marbella – and during your search you’ll come across a wide range of choices. These include building land in different locations on the coast. While plots for sale on the Costa del Sol count as a minority option, building your own home is an attractive proposal especially if you want to create a property exactly to your specifications.

Read on to discover why building plots for sale Costa del Sol could be for you. We also look at what kind of land you can buy and where it’s located plus examine cost and the investment potential behind land in the area.

Why buy plots for sale on the Costa del Sol?

Purchasing land gives you the chance to build the property you dream of. You can create a home with all the specifications and requirements you want and need. Think of a piece of land on the Costa del Sol as your blank slate waiting for you to write on it. You can stamp your design space ideas on the home.

Sourcing an available plot isn’t as easy as finding an apartment or villa because building land on the Costa del Sol is in relatively short supply. That said, you’ll find a reasonable choice of land for sale in Marbella, often in prime positions and a selection in nearby Estepona and Benahavis.

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Where is land for sale Costa del Sol located?

You’ll find plots along the entire coast, although those with the best potential lie at the western end. We’ve highlighted three locations as the best: Marbella, Estepona and Benahavis.

Plots for sale in Marbella

The decision to buy land in Marbella means you get a choice of plots in prime positions within the resort. These include Sierra Blanca and Nagüeles as well as the Golden Mile, all three having the best markets for luxury property in the area. If you’re looking for land for sale near Marbella, Estepona to the west may well be a good option.

Estepona land for sale

This part of the Costa del Sol has seen some of the most intense development over the last few years and that includes villa construction for private owners. Some of the best land for sale in Estepona offers rural locations, often with spectacular views of the coastline.

Land for sale in Benahavis

The mountain enclave of Benahavis ranks as one of the most sought-after areas for any type of property for sale on the Costa del Sol. The locality is home to some of Spain’s most exclusive developments and among your options for plots Benahavis is La Zagaleta. Land here comes at a premium and gives you the opportunity to create your dream home within the high-end private development, home to millionaires and celebrities. Building land for sale in Benahavis also includes plots at Los Flamingos, one of the top golf course developments in the area.

What kind of land is available?

In general, building land for sale in Marbella and surrounding area tends to be large with at least 1,000 square metres, although considerably larger is common. Rural locations are also frequent especially plots in Estepona in the foothills of the mountains.

As well as buying land, you can also buy a house to reform with land on the Costa del Sol. In some cases, the construction is limited to the structure allowing you to complete the building as you wish. In others, the house is semi-finished with the final touches and landscaping all that is required.

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What should I look for when buying land for sale in Spain on the Costa del Sol?

When you’re looking at plots, think about the following:

Where it is

As with all property purchases, buying a plot is all about location, location and location. Land in a prime position attracts a premium price and therefore a higher outlay, but it also has better investment potential. Rural plots for sale Estepona, for example, might be cheaper but planning permissions may mean you can’t build as much as you can on plot of land classed as ‘urban’.

Kind of terrain

Once you move away from the coastal strip, the Costa del Sol gets hilly and even mountainous. This means you might want to put terrain into your buying considerations when you’re looking at plots. A flat piece of land facilitates construction and means you don’t have to build costly retention walls. That said, some of the best plots of land for sale in Benahavis, for example, lie on a hill giving you amazing views even though they’re not flat.

How much you can build

Planning regulations dictate how large a property you can build on a plot. Typically, the total volume of construction must equate to around 30% of the size of the plot. This means, for example, that if you buy land Marbella with 3,000 square metres, the property volume cannot exceed 900 square metres, although the exact amount varies depending on the location.

What you can build

As we say at the beginning, one of the big advantages of buying Costa del Sol land for sale is that you can create a home of your own. You’ll see a mixture of designs – ultra-modern villas on plots in Marbella are currently very popular, but a more classical approach to villa development is also common.

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Just as you would do any property, think about orientation when you buy land in Marbella, Estepona or Benahavis. To be sure of year-round light and sunshine, a plot facing south, south-south-east or south-south-west is the best. This also guarantees good views.

How much does land on the Costa del Sol cost?

When you’re looking at plots, you need to factor in many variables that influence the asking price. Among them are location and size plus whether construction already exists on the site. Prices for small plots for sale in Marbella tend to start at €500,000, although larger plots with a minimum of 1,500 square metres attract million-euro price tags.

Which plots are best for investment?

In general, any land on the Costa del Sol makes a sound investment. The area’s perennial popularity as a holiday spot and relocation destinations ensures consistent demand. But like all property purchases, you need to buy a plot in a good location with a price that represents market value. Combine these two factors and good investment potential is a given.

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