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Your guide to buying Benahavis property

The enclave of Benahavis, located slightly inland from the coast between Marbella and Estepona on the western Costa del Sol, is one of the most sought-after for property. Foreign and Spanish buyers in search of luxury homes flock to this area for peace and quiet as well as properties that stand out from the rest. Benahavis property also ranks as some of the most exclusive on the Costa del Sol and the majority is located in high-end developments, often centred on golf courses or in country estates.

In this guide, we look at reasons to buy Benahavis property for sale, the best locations and types of homes available. We also cover how much you can expect to pay for real estate in Benahavis and whether it counts as a good investment.

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Why buy property for sale Benahavis?

Buyers on the Costa del Sol are faced with a huge range of locations, from busy resorts to rural retreats. If you’re looking for the latter, Benahavis ticks all the boxes. The municipality consists of the village itself – small, compact and quiet – plus a large number of developments, situated in the surrounding mountains and countryside. Tranquillity comes almost guaranteed at any location in Benahavis and you can easily access the hustle and bustle of the Costa del Sol since Marbella and Estepona lie just a short drive away.

You’ll also be interested in Benahavis properties for sale if you’re in search of high-end property since the vast majority of homes in this part of the Costa del Sol lie within the luxury class. The area boasts some of the most expensive real estate in Spain with many properties attracting seven or eight-digit price tags.

In addition, buying a property in Benahavis offers excellent investment potential. The area along with Marbella and Estepona forms part of the so-called Golden Triangle, known for its exclusivity and solid capital appreciation. The desirability of the area means property has some of the best returns in southern Spain.

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What kind of Benahavis properties are available?

Across its wide area, Benahavis offers a wide range of property with a level of quality rivalling the best in Spain. You can choose apartments including new builds and penthouse properties that rank among the most exclusive in Europe.

If you’re looking for more space and privacy, you may be interested in the choice of villas located throughout the municipality. The most expensive are situated on La Zagaleta private estate, home to some of Spain’s priciest properties and owned by the world’s rich and famous. You’ll also find villas in golf developments in Benahavis at some of the best courses on the Costa del Sol including La Quinta and Los Arqueros.

For buyers looking to create the home of their dreams to exactly their specifications, Benahavis plots are an option. Available land in the area is mostly located in developments in or near the Villa Padierna estate and Los Flamingos Golf.

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Where is property located in Benahavis?

More than anywhere on the Costa del Sol, Benahavis offers a mixture of traditional village life and exclusive development living. Property for sale in Benahavis village lies within the centre itself or on the outskirts in one of the developments. All are within walking distance of village amenities and provide a combination of peaceful village life with everything on your doorstep.

Other Benahavis properties for sale lie between Marbella and Estepona. Here, you’ll find a unique mix of mountain homes, country estates set in woods and developments in lush valleys, all in tranquil locations and with spectacular views of the surroundings. You can choose to be part of an established development or buy a property surrounded by nothing but your own land. Golf properties abound in Benahavis with many situated on the Costa del Sol’s best courses and often with frontline green positions.

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Can I buy new property in Benahavis?

There’s a good choice of new properties for sale in Benahavis where a range of new developments are under construction. They include some of the most exclusive on the Costa del Sol and feature the latest in domotics, sustainable living and energy-efficiency. The types of new property available range from medium-sized apartments and spacious penthouses to multi-bedroom villas.

Is it better to buy new or refurbished Benahavis property for sale?

The answer to this question will depend on several factors, unique to you. If you’re looking for a home that’s move-in ready and fitted with state-of-the-art technology, a new property will be your best option. As we said earlier, Benahavis offers an excellent choice of new builds including some of the most exclusive on the Costa del Sol.

If, however, you want a property to work on so that you can create a home that fits your requirements, buying an older property may suit you. Bear in mind that it won’t be immediately available for your own use or for holiday lets and that refurbishment work takes time and usually costs more than the original budget.

How much does Benahavis property cost?

Given their exclusivity and desirability, properties in Benahavis come with some of the highest price tags on the Costa del Sol. That said, however, you can still find homes at prices that compare favourably with nearby Marbella and Estepona.

Apartments start at around €275,000 with the most expensive costing over €1 million. For a villa, expect to pay at least €1 million and the most expensive in Benahavis can easily cost over €10 million.

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Which type of properties are best for investment?

The unique location and quality of property in Benahavis ensures good investment potential for all types of homes. Despite the ups and downs of the property market on the Costa del Sol over the last 60 years, Benahavis properties have shown steady capital appreciation. The outlook remains similar with good returns expected over the medium and long term, particularly for properties in the most sought-after locations.

Property for sale in Benahavis also represents good investment in terms of holiday lets and many owners find that their home provide steady returns from vacation rentals. The area attracts a niche market among holidaymakers looking for tranquility in exclusive properties yet within easy reach of the Costa del Sol.

Can I buy a property in Benahavis as a holiday let?

If you plan to make income from your Benahavis property through holiday lets, you need to obtain a licence from the regional authorities. The licence provides official confirmation that your vacation rental meets all legal requirements and is fit for holiday lets. The application process is relatively quick and straightforward.

If you’d like more information about the best type of property in Benahavis, contact us and we will be only too happy to share our local knowledge and expertise to help you find the home you’re looking for. At Realista we have extensive experience in finding the best (investment) properties in Benahavis for sale, and we will guide you through the entire process, from selection to negotiation, financing and even furnishing. Please feel free to contact us any time for more information or viewings. Backed by an extensive network and many resources, you can count on us to find your desired property in Benahavis.

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