Marbella Penthouses

When it comes to Marbella penthouses, this type of apartments sits high on the wish list for many people. Penthouses, usually on the top floor with large outside spaces and commanding views, are highly sought-after homes. Even more so because they’re one of the least common types of property for sale in Marbella. So, if you’ve set your sights on purchasing a penthouse, you may have to be quick off the mark. To help you buy just what you’re looking for, read our FAQs below.

Why buy penthouses Marbella?

The main reason is because the buyer doesn’t want a villa or townhouse, likes the idea of apartment living but wants something extra. Spacious outside areas usually feature as the main must-have and it’s difficult to find an apartment with big terrace space. Penthouses, on the other hand, come with plenty.

Penthouses in Marbella also represent good investment value. Their scarcity adds to their capital appreciation potential, seen in price tags that often rival those for villas. The luxury associated with a penthouse also make them savvy purchases for holiday lets, a year-round market in a resort like Marbella.

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What kind of penthouses in Marbella are available?

As you’d expected in this niche and high-end market, most properties are luxury penthouses for sale in Marbella. Their main characteristics are:

  • Large outside spaces – those at the higher end of the price scale have terraces larger than the total interior space. In duplex penthouses, terraces are usually on both floors with the upper level known as a solarium and possibly including a private pool.
  • Sweeping views – being located on or near the top floor of a building means the property comes with great views and in Marbella that usually means the sea and/or the mountains. Part of the appeal of penthouses lies in the lovely views visible from the property.
  • High-end finishes – Marbella penthouses tend to come to the highest specifications with luxury touches throughout. These often include private pool and/or Jacuzzi and state-of-the-art extras such as domotics.

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Where are penthouses for sale in Marbella located?

Unlike other types of property for sale Marbella such as apartments and villas, penthouses aren’t so common. However, those that do come on the market boast prime locations with some of the best views in the area. They include frontline beach positions in Puerto Banus or a central spot in Marbella with amenities on your doorstep.

Can I buy a new penthouse?

New-build penthouses often form part of an apartment complex, although with far fewer units than other properties under construction. Several new property developments in Marbella include penthouse apartments such as Epic Marbella on the Golden Mile and Royal Banus in the heart of Puerto Banus.

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Is it better to buy a new or older penthouse?

By definition, penthouses are a more modern type of property – older apartment blocks don’t tend to differentiate between a regular apartment and a penthouse. However, there are exceptions and older properties do come on the market.

Older penthouses have the advantage of lower prices and offer you a blank slate to create the home of your dreams. On the other hand, refurbishment costs often exceed their initial budget and the property isn’t immediately available for your own use or as a holiday let.

New penthouse apartments in Marbella have almost without exception the best construction standards and come with all mod cons. However, this quality and luxury attracts a higher price tag.

Do penthouses come with communal facilities?

Since penthouses form part of apartment blocks in Marbella, they tend to include communal facilities. At the very least, expect gardens and a pool with private parking and storage, often included in the price. The newest Marbella penthouses take communal elements one step further and offer a gym, wellness centre and clubhouse for residents to use for meetings and entertainment.

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How much do penthouses for sale in Marbella cost?

Penthouses attract some of the highest prices for real estate in Marbella, particularly for those at the top end of the market. The cheapest generally start at around €500,000 with the most expensive carrying 7-digit price tags. Several million euros isn’t unusual for this type of home. As with all property purchases, the value of a penthouse lies in its location, size and quality.

Which Marbella penthouses are best for investment?

Like most Marbella real estate, penthouses represent good investment potential. As sought-after and scarce properties, they enjoy steady capital appreciation, particularly if they have a unique selling point such as a frontline beach position.

As well as capital growth, penthouses in Marbella also offer excellent return from holiday lets. In this market, their exclusiveness again acts as extra appeal to guests who are prepared to pay a premium for a penthouse experience.

Can I buy a penthouse as a holiday let?

If you’re looking to make a return on your investment, buying a penthouse for vacation rentals makes sense in Marbella. Holiday lets enjoy a year-round season in the resort and this type of property has strong demand. You need to obtain a license from the regional government and make sure your penthouse fulfills a series of conditions. This process is straight forward and relatively quick.

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