• Luxury Apartmens in Marbella

    New Apartments for Sale in Marbella on the Golden Mile

    The World Marbella apartments take luxury to a whole new level There’s a new development on the way in Marbella that has the whole town buzzing with excitement. The World Marbella is a project that will build new luxury apartments for sale in Marbella’s most wanted area: the Golden Mile. And the developers are aiming… [Read more…]

  • Marbella 4 days walking 2013 mountains

    Upcoming Marbella Events: Marbella 4 Days Walking 2014

    One of the most popular events in Marbella! Marbella is not just a place for relaxation and entertainment… it is the home of sports and health as well. The Marbella 4 Days Walking, or M4DW for short, proves exactly that. One of the most popular events in Marbella, it allows you to discover the unknown… [Read more…]

  • Bank repossessions in Marbella

    Bank Repossessions in Marbella: Busting the Myth

    What is really true about buying a repossession in Marbella? Ever since the crisis, stories have been going round of cheap villas in Marbella being sold for rock-bottom prices. People all over Spain would have been forced to sell their second home to the bank, which then sold it off for a much lower sum…. [Read more…]

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